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Medialdea sues Ramon Tulfo for ‘libelous’ column

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea has filed a libel complaint against Special Envoy for Public Diplomacy to China Ramon Tulfo over the latter’s allegedly “malicious” article published in The Manila Times.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea

In a text message, Medialdea said the libel complaint against Tulfo was filed in June.

“He was the one who announced it. All I can say is there will be more coming,” Medialdea said, referring to Tulfo.

“I just kept quiet about it. I filed it because I just wanted to correct what he was wrongfully and maliciously writing about me and to set out the truth. His motivations will come out in the future. I don’t want them to affect my case at the moment,” he added.

Medialdea already raised the possibility that he would be filing a libel complaint against Tulfo in a letter addressed to The Times.

“I chose to be quiet in all his backhanded accusations and malicious articles against me, and let my lawyer just file the appropriate libel case against him for a libelous article he previously wrote in this newspaper,” he said.

Medialdea urged Tulfo to observe responsible journalism, but said it “might prove to be a futile exercise.”

He, however, warned others to be “circumspect” in dealing with Tulfo.

“I cannot overemphasize the importance of discernment and to take things coming from Tulfo with a grain, if not a kilo, of salt,” Medialdea said.

In his column titled “Self-purgation should start with the Cabinet,” published July 25, Tulfo shared the account of a Felicito Mejorado who claimed that his reward worth P272 million from the government for his tip on a smuggling operation in Mariveles, Bataan had been pending with Medialdea’s office for a year already.

A certain Vianney D. Garol, who was supposedly a presidential consultant, asked for P72 million for the release of the reward and that this money was for Medialdea.
Medialdea, however, said he did not know any Garol, but later found out that Garol was a project development officer under the now-defunct Office of External Affairs-Davao.

He also said Mejorado’s claim was denied by the Department of Justice and that the latter appealed the denial before Medialdea’s office.

The appeal, according to Medialdea, had been pending for three months, not one year.

He said the Office of the President already asked the Department of Finance to forward all records related to Mejorado’s case.

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