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How Gazini Ganados maintains her royal wellness

Reigning Binibining Pilipinas-Universe reveals her favorite massages at BlueWater and Day Spa
Beautiful, articulate and confident. One look at reigning Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Gazini Ganados is enough to make any woman wish they’ve “got it together” like her. But truth is, according to the beauty queen, projecting the full package requires endless work from her seemingly perfect self.

The pressure to look good, be assertive and ever poised has in fact escalated all the more ever since the day she won the crown. And as she prepares to represent the Philippines at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant later this year, the expectation to be her best self, 24/7, never lets up.

How does she get through it all?

Queen Gazini says she has learned to deal with the ubiquitous part of life known to all as stress. Over time, she has learned to drown out all the noise and negativity with a positive attitude and mindset, which she achieves by eating right, staying active, surrounding herself with loved ones and friends, and most importantly having regular “me time” to keep her calm and holistically well.

A positive mindset plus rest and relaxation keeps Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Gazini Ganados this radiant. PHOTOS BY JOHN ORVEN VERDOTE

As cliché as “me time” sounds, Ganados isn’t shy to reveal that part of her regular schedule is going to her favorite relaxation haven at Blue Water Day Spa.

“In order to look good and be your best self, you also have to see to your overall wellbeing,” she advised. “All of this didn’t happen to me with a snap of a finger. I worked hard to be where I am — that meant making the genuine effort to stay fit and healthy, leading a disciplined schedule and balanced life, and asking help from others who can help me be the best version of myself. As they say, it takes a village,’” Ganados chuckled.

On the day of this interview with The Manila Times Look Book, Queen Gazini was launched as the newest ambassador of BlueWater Day Spa, being the beautiful regular that she is at the popular wellbeing hub.

“With my schedule becoming more hectic as I prepare for Miss Universe in December, the more that I have to relax and rejuvenate. And coming here to BlueWater helps me not only to revitalize my body but also my mind and soul as well,” she shared.

Ganados further said she will always take the opportunity to promote taking care of oneself in order to combat stress, illness and worse, low self-worth.

“I hope everyone can imbibe this whole mindset of prioritizing yourself from time to time because it can only result in positivity. Pamper yourself, give your body the extra care it deserves from working hard through regular massages and rejuvenating treatments. Doing so will bring out the best in you, for yourself and for others,” she elaborated.

When it comes to treatments, the 23-year-old beauty queen swears by BlueWater Day Spa’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage which enables detoxification, leaving her feeling refreshed.

“This is a relaxing method that keeps me from getting bloated or feeling lethargic with the regular release of toxins,” Ganados enthused.

Another service she loves is the Traditional Filipino Massage or Hilot, which is great for easing muscle tension especially when she works out.

“I constantly move around and I always have to be in heels so you can imagine the wear and tear I put my body through. This treatment is more than just a well-deserved treat after another long week because it really relieves the body from muscle and joint pain.”

Ganados also attributes her belief in the healing effects of hilot because her late grandmother used to give her the Filipino massage whenever she felt unwell.

“At the same time, hilot truly has place in my advocacy for elderly care because this isn’t just a massage as my lola used to tell me but it’s a ritual that is so full of care and positivity which everyone, including the elderly, deserves.”

Finally asked how pressured she is to clinch a back-to-back with Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray come the pageant in December, Ganados candidly replied, “There’s always been that pressure since the day I won the crown, and I know it will only grow stronger as the competition nears. So to follow my own advice, I’m taking it all positively and turn the pressure into something constructive, something to motivate me to do my best.”

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