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BIR exec’s denial buries her in deeper sh*t


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TERESITA Angeles, former assistant commissioner for the Large Taxpayers Service of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), vehemently denies that she was the woman in the video talking with a man about the shenanigans at the graft-ridden agency.

Angeles, who is now assigned to the BIR’s client support service, has written to the Times, saying she was “saddened, shocked and quite angered” by my” In My Line of Sight” column of August 6 and August 8 which identified her as the woman in the video recording.

Below is her letter to The Manila Times editors which I am reprinting here (edited for grammar, style and punctuation — Ed):

“Dear Sir:
“This is in regard to two articles written by your columnist Ramon Tulfo. They were published in your newspaper on Aug. 6, 2019 and Aug. 8, 2019, and were respectively titled ‘Conversation between two BIR execs reveals all’ and ‘I’m helping Digong clean up the Augean stables.’

“I am deeply saddened, shocked and quite angered that you allowed such articles to be published at all. It is outrightly false, malicious, illegal and damaging to my reputation.

“In the Aug. 6, 2016 article, Mr. Tulfo translated a video conversation which, he claims, exposes corruption at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). The conversation he wrote was between myself and Don Samson sometime in August 2017 exposing corruption in the BIR while we ‘were taking up short courses at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the US.’ This particular claim and exposé of Mr. Tulfo, I repeat, are downright false, malicious and illegal.

“The conversation between myself and Don Samson never happened. Don Samson was never with me at Harvard. Given his years of experience as a ‘crusading’ journalist Mr. Tulfo should have investigated deeper as to the source of that video. The least he could have done was to confront us and validate whether we were indeed the persons in the video instead of hiding in the motherhood phrase used by journalists, ‘my sources said.’ Fairness and due respect do not seem to be in his vocabulary. This is journalism gone wrong.

“As to the Aug. 8, 2019 article, Mr. Tulfo is digging into the hole of lies he has started. To begin with, I was never placed on ‘floating status’ because of the video. I am now assistant commissioner for Client Support Services and very, very busy in my job. I review procedures and processes to comply with the Ease of Doing Business Law. My division addresses taxpayer complaints referred to us by the Office of the President and more.

“The false and malicious claims and information peddled by Mr. Tulfo continue. Don Samson is not the chief of staff of our Commissioner. He is the executive assistant. I can never accuse the Commissioner or other officials of extracting bribe money from Del Monte and Mighty cases. The reason is simple: I was directly involved as Assistant Commissioner-LTS then, in the assessment and collection of taxes in both cases and we were able to show that everything was aboveboard. The claim of Mr. Tulfo that ‘her (referring to me) corrupt superiors and the BIR apparently didn’t want to share the loot with her’ is again downright malicious, libelous and leaves himself open to sanction under our laws.

“I therefore repeat that Mr. Tulfo’s two articles which were based solely on an unverified, unvalidated and quite obviously manufactured video recording are a clear example of malicious and irresponsible reporting, a case of journalism totally gone wrong.

“I trust that this letter and clarification will find itself printed in your newspaper as Mr. Tulfo chose to post the two articles in his Facebook page and have gone viral to my damage and prejudice and that of the institution I worked and served for almost 30 years.

Teresita Angeles”

* * *

Here’s my reply to BIR Assistant Commissioner for Client Support Service Teresita Angeles:

Would you be agreeable to having that video recording analyzed by voice experts at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)?

If so, I will even accompany you to the NBI headquarters.

My BIR sources insist the woman’s voice is yours and the man’s that of Don Samson.

Ok, Don Samson is not the chief of staff of Commissioner Billy Dulay, but only his executive assistant. I’m not going to quarrel with you on that because that would be quibbling.

But Samson is close to Dulay as you are, given your former position as assistant commissioner for the large taxpayers service.

Your statement in the letter, “I was directly involved as assistant commissioner-LTS (large taxpayer service) then, in the assessment and collection of taxes in both cases (Del Monte and Mighty) and we were able to show that everything was aboveboard” was a dead giveaway.

That woman in the video knew everything about what happened in the transactions the BIR had with Del Monte and Mighty.

That woman’s scurrilous descriptions of Commissioner Billy Dulay, the BIR people in Pasay and Parañaque and the BIR legal department could only have come from someone privy to the illegal transactions.

The man in the video agreed with everything the woman was saying, giving the impression that he, too, knew about the transactions.

Both the woman and the man sounded disgruntled for having been left out of the loop in the apparently illegal transactions that the BIR made with Del Monte and Mighty.

I say “illegal transactions” based on what the woman and the man were saying in that video recording.

Your denial, Ms. Angeles, buries you in deeper sh*t.



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