When Spring-Summer comes around, maxi-dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and swimwear quickly come to mind in terms of fashion. But according to Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week edition, these staples will only account for a small part of 2020’s most pleasant and hottest months. The rest will comprise of more unusual pieces that are sure to bring out the fun of the season.

An extensive preview of what’s to come in fashion for Spring/Summer 2020 was presented at the four-day event in Hong Kong in July via creative twists to sheer tops, skirts that look like mermaid tails, traditional woven bags in modern shapes, and even season-specific cell phone cases to complete every outfit.

Anuroj creates resort-wear garments with prints that are all hand-painted.

Wanida Khunpromketsara, the Homrak’s sales and marketing manager told The Manila Times’ Look Book, “We wanted to create something different for the customer and [let them experience] natural [products] when [they] wear it.”

Lively hats

Finally, resort-wear brand Atipa is best known for the lively looks of their hats, scarves, clothing, and tote bags. The company began when co-founder Pam Laoroekutai, who is not a fan of the sun thought of fashionable ways to shield herself from the rays.

“[It was] my mom who start to do the hat collection and I used [those]. I studied in England [and wore them], and then a lot of Londoners asked, ‘Where did you get the hats from?’” Laoroekutai shared. “I thought that [because] it’s my mom’s products, I should promote them, and from there, the hats became the signature [product] of Atipa.”

Innovative and stylish, the trademark hats are reversible to fit any mood and are functional too since they’re easy to fold for travel. One side will show a lively pattern, and the other a solid bright color all to provide fashionable UV protection.

“I like something plain but also I like something colorful. People can have different tastes. If you don’t like the pattern, you can change it to another side and just play with it,” Laoroekutai enthused.