Filipino contemporary artists take the spotlight this month as one of Singapore’s most popular art enclaves, Gillman Barracks, hosts their works.

Keb Cerda opened a solo exhibition entitled “Dahlia” while artist collective The Working Animals Art Projects brought their group exhibition “Seabound” in Singapore. Both exhibitions opened on August 24.

Following the success and breakthroughs in his earlier works, such as “Collect All Coins” and “False Profits,” Cerda introduces “Dahlia” and takes his audience into a world of dark alleys and sinister parks, visualised dramatically under a blue and purple-tinted twilight.

‘Operation Supply’ by Cerda, acryclic on canvas, 112 x 152 cm (2019)

On the other, the term may also refer to a stance of embarking on a journey towards the sea, to going beyond the boundaries of a locality and navigating a wider realm beyond it. This meaning highlights this iteration of the group’s creative exercise as an overseas engagement — their second to date — another fulfillment of their vision to participate as a collective in the larger, global contemporary art scene.

Both exhibition signaled the start of Art Trek 13, an annual programme of the Embassy of the Philippines Singapore. Cerda’s exhibition takes place at Yavuz Gallery’s premises at unit #02-23, while the group exhibition is held at a pop-up venue at unit #02-21 both inside Block 9, Gillman Barracks, Singapore.