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The Laos own D&L Industries


A public ownership report (POR) as of June 30, 2019 listed seven principal stockholders with combined holdings of 4,509,655,050 common shares in D&L Industries Inc. (DNL). Jadel Holdings Co. Inc. is the company’s largest stockholder with 4,250,363,786 DNL common shares, which were then equivalent to 59.505 percent of 7,142,857,990 outstanding common shares.

The six other stockholders and their direct holdings are as follows: Allvee United Inc., 89,793,091 DNL common shares, or 1.26 percent; Prime Spin Inc., 75,961,142 DNL common shares, or 1.06 percent; CEE Industries Inc., 48,087,779 DNL common shares, or 0.67 percent; Jadana Inc., 44,697,252 DNL common shares, or 0.63 percent; and Hansevian Inc., 752,000 DNL common shares, or 0.01 percent.

DNL also listed SmartWorks Trading Co. Inc. as one of its seven stockholders but credited it with zero ownership. Thus, the total of 4,509,655 050 common shares, or 63.14 percent, does not include SmartWorks.

The POR showed the public as holders of 2,104,861,432 DNL common shares, which, as of June 30, 2019, represent 29.47 percent of outstanding.

Of 7,142,857 outstanding DNL common shares, seven members of the board held 187,680,446 common shares, or 2.63 percent. Of the directors’ ownerships, 145,221,506 DNL common shares, or 2.033 percent, were directly owned, while 42,458,940 DNL common shares, or 0.594 percent.

Directors’ holdings. Of DNL’s seven directors, Corazon dela Paz-Bernardo directly held 100 common shares while Felimon T. Berba Jr. directly owned 200,002 common shares.

The rest, who are DNL’s majority stockholders, and their individual ownerships of DNL common shares included the Laos namely Yin Yong L. Lao, 98,045,720 common shares, or 1.38 percent, of which he directly owned 65,987,202 common shares, or 0.924 percent; John L. Lao, 78,577,497 common shares, or 1.1 percent, of which he directly owned 70,137,202 common shares, or 0.982 percent; and Alvin D. Lao, 10,067,627 common shares, or 0.14 percent, of which he directly owned 8,107,500 common shares, or 0.114 percent.

The POR showed two other stockholders namely Lydia Balatbat-Echauz and Merceditas S. Nolledo as direct stockholders with 89,500 DNL common shares, and 700,000 DNL common shares, or 0.01 percent.

The company’s 11 officers owned 327,141,692 DNL common shares, or 4.58 percent. Of their holdings, they directly owned 185,162,606 DNL common shares, or 2.592 percent. Their indirect ownership of 141,979,086 common shares was equivalent to 1.988 percent.

Execs’ ownership. These executives and their holdings are as follows: Lester A. Lao, 99,728,644 DNL common shares, or 1.4 percent; Alex L. Lao, 91,071,369 DNL common shares, or 1.28 percent; Leon L. Lao, 62,619,427 DNL common shares, or 0.88 percent; Dean L. Lao, 54,709,021 DNL common shares, or 0.77 percent; Ainslee Anne T. Lao, 11,025,155 DNL common shares, or 0.15 percent; and Vincent D. Lao, 3,869,953 DNL common shares, or 0.05 percent.

Four of DNL’s executives and their direct ownership of the company’s 783,200 common shares as follows: Kristine Ann-Katindig-Ong, 251,000 common shares; Amorsolo M. Rosario, 210,000 common shares; Crissa Marie U. Bondad, 172,200 common shares; and Joselito P. Rivera, 150,000 common shares.

On Aug. 16, 2019, Bondad reported her additional acquisition of 11,600 DNL common shares at different prices- 10,000 DNL common shares at P9.14 each; 200 DNL common shares at P9.12 each; and 1,400 DNL common shares at P9.08 each. The acquisitions increased her ownership of DNL common shares to 183,800 common shares.

On Aug. 23, 2019, DNL common shares opened trading at P9 per share, which was also their high, fell to a low of P8.90 but closed higher at P8.94. The stock hit a 30-day high of P10.48 and a month’s low of P8.75.

Additional ‘buys’

On Aug. 20, 2019, Oscar J. Hilado increased to 706,859 the number of common shares he indirectly owned after buying 960,000 Phinma common shares at P9.05 each. In the filing, he explained his indirect ownership: Oscar J. Hilado and Mary Lou Hilado own 9.24564 percent and 4.97688 percent, respectively, of Mariposa Properties Inc., while Mariposa Properties Inc. owns 4,970,000 shares, or 1.76459 percent of Phinma Corp.

In addition to his indirect ownership of Phinma common shares, Hilado also directly holds 110,000 Phinma common shares.

On Aug. 20, 2019 when Hilado bought 706,859 Phinma common shares, Phinma opened trading at P9.10, which was also its high, fell to a low of P9.05, which was also the stock’s closing price. On
Aug. 23, 2019, Phinma traded and opened at P9.10, hit a high of P9.23, dropped to a low of P8.56 and closed the session at P8.56.

BEL. Willie Ng Ocier is vice chairman of Belle Corp. On Aug. 22, 2019, he reported his acquisition of 40,000 BEL common shares at P2.15 each. The additional common shares raised his ownership to 50,020,702 BEL common shares, or 0.512 percent.

On Aug. 22, 2019, BEL common shares opened trading at P2.17, peaked at P2.20, dropped to a low of P2.14 and closed the session at P2.16. On Aug. 23, 2019, the stock opened trading at P2.15, hit a high of P2.21, fell to a low of P2.15 and closed at P2.18.

MFIN. On Aug. 16, 2019, Danilo Enrique Co, corporate secretary of Makati Finance Corp. (MFIN), bought 8,700,484 MFIN common shares at P2.38 each. He said the additional ‘buy’ is held by Gracefield Capital Holdings Inc., which reported its 8,700,484 MFIN common shares as its initial ownership.

On Aug. 16, 2019, MFIN common shares traded throughout the session at P2.38 on 8.7 million MFIN common shares for value turnover of P20.706 million.
Aren’t these buyers of listed common shares insiders? Just asking.


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