New Orleans, Louisiana: At its annual customer conference, dubbed Inforum, Infor, a provider of industry-specific cloud applications, officially introduced its artificial intelligence (AI) platform for embedded machine learning models.

First announced in 2018, the Infor Coleman AI Platform is expected to provide the speed, repeatability and personalization needed for enterprises to fully operationalize AI, and it serves as a key building block for Infor’s Intelligent CloudSuite.

“I’m happy to announce [that the] Coleman AI Platform [is] generally available as of today“ said Soma Somasundaram, president of products and chief technology officer at Infor. “This platform is available on Ion as a mechanism to get the data to the datalink. Coleman AI Platform sits on top of the datalink, [and] consumes this data, using data as a service. We built a library of industry-specific applications that you could deploy or we could deploy which could solve problems, where the AI could be the UI (user interface) or the AI could be used to bring more efficiencies in your business process. All of that consumed by the application using APIs and it gets embedded into our suite or your external apps.”

Today’s enterprise AI environment is characterized by a myriad of developer-centric tools, which are designed primarily for experimental projects. With these tools, it is difficult to implement complete projects — and services quality and speed are painfully slow. As a result, the practical use of AI and machine learning in the enterprise remains low.

With the Infor Coleman AI Platform, enterprises could take advantage of industry-specific starter packs (templates) to accelerate development of repeatable big data, machine learning-based AI projects. These templates are highly personalized and tailored to specific customer data and usage patterns. Also, they are designed for use by “citizen developers” who don’t need extensive data modeling skills.

When combined with the Infor OS (operating service), enterprises could simplify and speed up the entire implementation process — giving them the ability to roll out complete, production AI projects in less than six weeks.

The OS is a cloud operating service designed to bring business processes and AI together and offer operational insights that were never accessible to a business before.

Through its Infor Coleman AI Platform and Infor OS, Infor delivers the Intelligent CloudSuite, a complete solution to automate, anticipate, predict and inform. This gives enterprise customers the business insights they need, when they need them.

“With other solutions, you have to figure out how to use AI with a multitude of other technologies,” said Rick Rider, Infor senior director of product management, Infor OS and the Coleman AI Platform. “ We bring an enterprise AI ensemble together in a single platform — through which we could provide a complete Intelligent CloudSuite.”

“The Infor Coleman AI Platform is unique in that it is designed specifically for business users and is built upon a foundation of industry-specific data,” he explained. “At any given moment, it could help with executing tasks and recommending next-best sales offers, or predicting maintenance issues and adjusting production schedules accordingly.”

Value proposition

The Infor Coleman AI Platform is a pervasive machine learning platform that operates below an application’s surface. It mines data and uses powerful machine learning to help improve processes, such as inventory management, transportation routing and predictive maintenance.

The Infor Coleman AI Platform represents a giant leap forward for AI at scale — incorporating deep reservoirs of network data to help serve the needs of human workers and to help make connected devices smarter.

The platform is specifically designed for non-technical, business users and is built upon a foundation of industry-specific data, and it also provides the extensive tooling needed for a well-established machine learning practice.

The Infor Coleman AI Platform modeling environment is “digestible,” in that it doesn’t require as complex a skillset as other AI tooling, nor is it designed to require an exhaustive service engagement. Customers could better understand, relate, and trust the output, given the focus on user experience and embedded connectivity to the entire applicable enterprise suite.

Organizations could work to gain a competitive advantage by creating models from their proprietary data and experiences, and the Infor Coleman AI Platform enables them to pass along advantages, up and down stream, using their AI insights.

“The Asian market is ready and willing to go AI,” said Helen Masters, senior vice president and general manager for Infor Asia-Pacific (APAC), in a roundtable press bring with APAC media. “They need to be in the cloud to take advantage of our AI because it needs to be in the cloud platform, as soon as we get them there, we would go. It’s an exciting time, there’s really great technology out there.”

The Infor Coleman AI Platform is named after the inspiring physicist and mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson, whose trail-blazing work at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration helped humans land on the moon.