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Child protection policy


Across the world, significant numbers of children experience maltreatment, resulting in life-long consequences for victims (World Health Organization, 2016). Responses to child maltreatment in the Global South, in particular, are under-researched and under-conceptualized.

In the Philippines, despite the significance and impact of child maltreatment (Ramiro, et al., 2010), policy and research on this topic remains in its infancy. Policy imperatives in this area are given greater impetus, with increasing international awareness of the need for children to grow up in safe and stable environments and to be protected from abuse and neglect (Price Robertson, et al., 2014), particularly in circumstances of significant child poverty and deprivation (Philippine Statistics Authority and United Nations Children’s Fund, 2015).

In the absence of reliable data on child maltreatment in the Philippines (Madrid, et al., 2013), and limited understandings of child protection policy approaches, this review provides important insights into child maltreatment and its responses in the Philippines. It explores conceptions of child maltreatment and child protection, and provides a review of policy and program approaches, and in doing so, contributes to future child protection policy agendas in the Philippines.

The Department of Education (DepEd) issued in 2012 the Policy and Guidelines on Protecting Children in School from Abuse, Violence, Exploitation, Discrimination, Bullying and Other Forms of Abuse titled, “DepEd Child Protection Policy.” The policy serves as a guide “on what constitutes child abuse and how children can be protected from violence and exploitation.” Thus, abuse within the school is avoided in cooperation with school’s officials.



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