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Thai Dalee Duck is something to quack about


Filipinos can now enjoy dishes made with premium duck meat
Traditionally, Filipinos are used to eating balut and penoy. The duck egg is considered a delicacy, one that is widely believed to boost energy and stamina. It is quite easy to find balut on the city streets at night, with hawkers waiting at busy street corners or even walking through the more populous parts of the metropolis, breaking the silence of the night by heartily calling out their wares.

Conversely, duck meat itself is rather hard to find as a dish in local eateries. Fried duck is a dish that is popular only in certain areas such as Angono, Rizal where there is a place that is called Fried Itik lane. Other times, duck is served at Chinese restaurants — as soup for diners believing in its restorative powers, or as roasted and wrapped duck, Peking-style.

There are many reasons why more Filipinos should eat duck dishes, because aside from it being more flavorful than chicken or turkey, duck meat is also a good source of protein, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, iron, zinc, vitamin B-6 and thiamine, along with smaller amounts of vitamin B-12, folate and magnesium. Cholesterol concerns can be addressed by removing the duck skin, where most of the fat can be found.

Finding good quality duck meat is one of the reasons why it is not popular in the Philippines. Not anymore. At the recent Duck Day celebration held at the Conrad Hotel, Donny’s Fresh Seafood Company, together with the BR Group of companies announced that they will make Dalee Duck available in the Philippines. Live cooking demos were held by celebrity chefs Boy Logro, Gene Gonzales, Rosebud Benitez, Willment Leong, and Choi to show different ways Filipinos can add tender and flavorful Dalee duck to their daily meals.

During the Duck Day celebration, from left: Chef Willment Leong,; James Suchaovanich , AVP-Marketing Development; Rosann Suchaovanich , deputy CEO,; Joseph Suchaovanich , BR Group vice chairman, managing director Asia Pacific; Donny Yeun, Yeung Marine Holdings Inc- Donny’s Choice chairman; Gertjan Tomassen, vice chairman, managing director Europe; Chef Boy Logro and Chef Rosebud Benitez.

Chef Logro notes that Filipino farmers like eating duck by cooking it with coconut milk. “You can observe how energetic they are. Duck is a healthy meat, and I want to introduce it to the millennials with something familiar to them. I have prepared a burger, using duck meat instead of beef. I think the younger generation should eat more duck because it has protein and it is good for the health.”

According to Yeung Marine Holdings Inc. Chairman Donny Yeung, “ All Filipinos marunong kumain ng masarap, kahit anong masarap, kaya we’re bringing Donny’s Choice Fresh Seafood here. ”

Dalee Brand Manager Jessie Contrata says that they are very excited to bring Dalee to the Philippines and introduce new flavors and new high quality options to Filipino cuisine. “We are a nation rich with food inspired by our very own culture and history, but we don’t shy away from fusing these traditional recipes with flavors from other countries, and Dalee’s duck meat will definitely work well with that. We strive to bring only the best for the Filipino taste and inspire beautiful culinary creations that will contribute to the ever-evolving Filipino cuisine,” he added.

Dalee wants to make Duck Day an official yearly celebration in the Philippines every September 10. They are seeking an official declaration of Office of the President and National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). In support of the local duck-raising industry, BR Group and Donny’s Choice will also sponsor the Itik Festival in Victoria, Laguna and Balut Festival in Pateros, Manila.

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