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Monday, April 6, 2020
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Avril Rodriguez shows the way to wholeness


The quote “Your energy introduces you even before you speak” is embedded in my head like a post-it and comes to the forefront of my mind when I meet new people. People can pretend and manipulate through words but energy never lies. There are some people who are heavy just like rainclouds but there are also people who are like sunshine — bringing light wherever they go and that is how I can best describe Avril Rodriguez.

From the moment I met her nearly a decade ago, Avril has always had that calming effect on peo-ple. I have witnessed her zen nature countless times when Avril and I worked alongside each other as educational therapists for learning disabled children. Her energy was more than enough to calm a room (including myself). So, it came as no surprise when I learned that she carved her own path as a Authenticity and Wholeness Coach on top of her other roles such as a Yoga Thera-pist and a Life Coach.

For Avril, the true fulfillment comes when she sees her clients growing into their own light and sharing it with others.

Avril always knew that she wanted to help people heal and become whole on all levels.

She shared, “I considered studying Medicine but then decided to study Psychology instead. I was convinced that most of us get in our own way when it comes to living joyful lives and I wanted to help guide people through that.”

The path soon cleared for Avril around the same time that she was completing her Graduate De-gree in Psychology.

“I used to have anxiety and panic attacks in grad school, and they would come and go for some years. This led me to practice yoga and meditation to keep the anxiety at bay.”

As a lover of learning, it was natural for Avril to dig deeper into the therapeutic benefits of both yoga and meditation.

This soon led her to be a part of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City’s Complemen-tary Medicine Services.

“I was honored to be the first person to have a regular Yoga Therapy practice in a major healing institution.” Avril soon found herself working with patients who were living with Parkinson’s, migraines, tinnitus, epileptic seizures, frozen shoulders, and survivors of cancer and strokes,” Av-ril mentioned.

She then continued her quest to healing and studied Theta Healing and Neuro-Linguistic Pro-gramming.

“Both of these techniques work heavily with the subconscious mind to resolve any belief systems and thought patterns that may be keeping us stuck in certain life or health situations. Thoughts can seem like such harmless things but I have seen clients crippled in life because they believe they were not good enough to have a chance at success.”

Aside from that, Avril also recently got certified in Aroma Freedom and is currently studying Tra-ditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

“I guess I’ve always been on the search for my own wholeness. As I encounter techniques that help me along the way, I naturally become curious and want to learn more about them. As I learn how they help people, I want to share this wholeness and help as many others as I can to reach this freedom and sense of peace as well.”

Avril takes all of her newfound knowledge into her practice as an Authenticity and Wholeness Coach.

“I empower and support my clients in making changes to their lives. Some want to be healthier, start a new career, find fulfillment and purpose in their lives, gain clarity, find inner peace and joy, have better relationships, find their abundance, etc. Using different tools and techniques, I help my clients uncover what is blocking them from successfully accomplishing these changes, then we resolve these blocks. I often give additional exercises and activities to help bring clarity and enhance the implementation of these planned changes. I ensure that the changes my clients ask for help with align with their inner selves, so that these are internally motivated and do not cause internal conflict,” she said.

“Most of the time we try to conform to what others expect of us, even if these are not things we truly desire for ourselves. Every time we put others’ expectations of us over our own, every time we make ourselves or our lives smaller to appease others, every time we play the passive-aggressive card because we don’t stand up for ourselves, we fracture a part of ourselves. I work with my clients to resolve and heal these fractures, so that they can live whole and complete in themselves,” she continued.

Avril is often left astounded at how much her work has helped heal her clients, most of which she helps in private one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and retreats. She is also quick to share her affirmations and insights on her social media feeds.

But she is quick to note that the first step actually belongs to her clients who are willing to under-go the work it requires to heal and be centered.

She then ends with an important reason as to why being centered is important and why it’s worth a shot, “When we are centered, we are firmly anchored in ourselves and our direction in life. When we are centered, there is no cognitive dissonance, no internal suffering. When we are cen-tered, we feel safe and capable of living good lives. When it is the opposite and we feel lost, off-balance, or out of control, we feel hurt, confusion, and fear.”

And for Avril, the true fulfillment comes when she sees her clients growing into their own light and sharing it with others for she believes that this is truly what would make the world a better and brighter place not just for one but for all.

To know more about Avril, you may follow her on Facebook and Instagram @lifebyavril or email her at life@avrilrodriguez.com


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