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Foreign participants welcome Xi’s internet view


President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the sixth World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen on Sunday, encouraging countries to promote global governance in cyberspace and strive to build a community with a shared future.

His views carried in the letter were widely welcomed by foreign participants at the conference.

Jane Abigail Thomason, Australia, chief executive officer of Fintech Worldwide

“[Xi’s] emphasis on the importance of global cooperation in the digital realm, I think, is tremendously important. We have to make sure that the internet [and] the digital realm bring us together and not divide us, and I think that [division] is the real risk of our time.”

“I like one key word, which is more important today than in the past – cooperation. Today we need cooperation, especially international cooperation. The digital world is becoming more and more complex and important for everybody, because when we change a technology, we change a whole society and it will have impact on everybody. Cyber-governance and cyber-security are becoming more and more crucial. But there are two issues. First, in the technological aspect. I think if we work together, there’s always a way to discuss and solve technological problems. Second, which is even more important, trust. The major concern today, I think, is we have to work on this aspect to see how to increase mutual trust. Trust is all about people. It’s nothing to do with technology. In order to do that, we need to increase dialogue, cooperation, and links. Wuzhen is a fantastic place where we can do that. We very much welcome Xi’s message, and his efforts for us to work together for a better internet and a better world.”

Fabrizio Hochschild, Chile, under secretary-general and special adviser of the United Nations

Luigi Gambardella, Belgium, founder and president of the China EU Association for Digital

Scott Kennedy, the United States, senior adviser of the Trustee Chair in Chinese Business & Economics of Center for Strategic and International Studies

“The principles are nice and important. But there’s still a long way to go before they can be implemented by everybody. It’s certainly true that internet development now has stronger momentum and broader room in China, but we have a long way to go to deal with both promoting the use of the internet and addressing all the rest that the internet creates, such as domestic and international risks. I think Xi’s messages are encouraging words. It’s exactly true that it is the responsibility of the international community to make the internet more beneficial to people. China has a big responsibility given how many internet users it has.”

“I was very happy to hear the president’s message because I think there is a real need for some new global collaboration [around the internet and governance], so the internet can serve humanity better.

“I travel the world all the time, but I don’t think there is any leader I have heard like [Xi Jinping] who is calling on everyone to collaborate, create new governance for the internet, for the improvement of people and the planet. I am very pleased to see China taking that kind of leadership.”


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