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Testing one two three = P50M


Testing one, two, three for P50M.

Some selected sports have been chosen as testing events for the forthcoming SEA Games scheduled for the end of the month. This is a first for me.

I’ve been attending almost all SEA Games as far as I can remember and as far as I know, this has never happened before. Which events? For one, volleyball was played in Laguna few weeks ago and we finished third again.

But just two weeks before this, didn’t they also play the same teams in Bangkok, where we also placed third again? And now they just arrived from Japan for training?

What’s funny though, is that they will not play volleyball in Laguna for the SEA Games but in Ultra.

So what was the testing for? And by the way, out of eleven countries, only four will be competing in volleyball. Only one will not have a trophy or medals. God forbid.

And what happened to the testing in athletics? What happened there? Where our best tracksters could not even join the testing? They were still abroad. While our hardworking athletes in the national pool are only paid P10,000 a month? Wow. Speaker Alan, please watch over your Phisgoc boys. They will get you in trouble.

We didn’t host these games just to tarnish your distinguished family name. But they just might. Oh, I forgot we have P6B to spend for the Games pala. Guess it’s ok?

Our future chess world champion Wesley So was a prodigy of Bro. Rolando R. Dizon, former President of De La Salle University and my late brother in law, who foresaw the sport of chess as a sport for Filipinos. He recruited scholarships for De La Salle and Wesley was one of them. But Lesley is right in choosing to play for the Land of the Brave. Why not? Here, no one gave him that much support, not even a million, as he claimed when he won honors for the country abroad. While everyone around here were fighting for credit in our National Chess organization, he had the foresight to see that nothing would happen to him here. No reward, no deserving recognition or honors! While others are receiving more even if they haven’t qualified yet for the Olympics? This is the simple reason why he left for the Land of Milk and Honey. We lost a gem, guys. But his heart will always be a Filipino. But still proves one thing, we can be no. 1 in the world. Right?

Congratulations Ateneo! As far as I’m concerned, it’s all over. It’s not ONE BIG FIGHT GUYS. With or without Dick Gordon, you’ll make it.

Amb. Danding bids the Archers goodbye for now. Welcome Mr. Raffy Villavicencio. We’re still in good hands. Watch out for De La Salle team next year. Believe me! Weather weather lang yan.

Instead of getting famous, Bacolod is now getting to be very notorious. First, it was DRUGS according to PRRD. Now comes the raids on militant groups or leftists. What else is next? Col. Espenido hasn’t even lifted a finger.

The sugar planters are now asking for the head of SRA Administrator Serafica. For following the line of the Sec. of Finance Sonny Dominguez to liberalize sugar importation. This will destroy the industry, according to the sugar experts. But true or not, never forget that PRRD was beaten black and blue in Negros island in the last presidential election by Mar Roxas, whose mother was born and raised in the sugar land. So, we might be in for the hard times soon in Negros. We might have a short memory, but PRRD might have a long one.

Salute to Sen Ping Lacson for standing up to the crooks up there. All these years, he has fought this lonely battle up to this day. Not only receiving what is due him, but giving to us what is due ours. A transparent and porkless budget. This is a special kind of policeman. Not the ones we read about these days. Rogues in uniform. Bravo for Ping. Bravo for Magalong. Don’t worry Ping. You have the people behind you. They just have the money. Patriots don’t die. They just fade away.

I thank UST Coach Ayo for proving me wrong. After his loss to FEU in the elims, I thought his team was a goner but they came back strong and hungrier in the play off and now has another chance to upset UP and go for it in the finals. Well done Coach. A lot of us are wondering what would have happened if you didn’t leave De La Salle after you won a title for the Archers some years back. Well done.

Two of La Salle’s basketball players made it to this years UAAP Mythical Five. Jamie Malonzo and Justine Baltazar. Two of five. What does this mean? We had the team. Guess Coach Byrd could start packing now for home. Caracut had 19 pts the first time La Salle lost to UP by one point in the first round. But scored NOTHING in the second round against UP. C’mon Coach. Thanks for the memories. You did your best but your best wasn’t good enough.

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