Wednesday, December 2, 2020

How to fight premature ageing gracefully


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Everybody passes through the stage where one wants to grow fast and become a confident independent grown up. Ironically, as age catches up, mature people want to turn back time.

While ageing is a natural part of life, it is also a reality that the body becomes frail and can’t keep up with the demands of physical activities. Whether it’s running the marathon eyed for a long time, climbing that mountain with friends or even just playing outdoors with kids, there is the sense of lacking the strength, mobility or stamina to keep up with things done when still younger.

This slowdown in the body, evidenced by tiredness, weakness or soreness, could be a sign that ageing comes faster than one’s real age.

A phenomenon known as premature ageing afflicts more than half of Filipino adults because of various factors, mainly brought about by lifestyle choices like unhealthy eating habits that lacks nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of proper rest.

No amount of pampering or makeup can turn back the clock, but a healthy lifestyle can make aging gracefully possible.

While it seems like these are the things that come with gaining more responsibilities as an adult, these choices may lead to health risks like obesity, high blood sugar, below average muscle mass and bone density to mention a few, which in turn affects the speed and quality of physical movements.

Making health and wellness take a backseat can lead to missing out on spending time and having fun with our loved ones.

Fortunately there are still ways to reverse the effects of premature ageing by making lifestyle changes to benefit overall health and wellness.

Today, The Manila Times and Anlene MoveMax suggest three simple yet effective steps to help combat premature ageing, and ensure constant movement at any age.

Get enough sleep
According to mental health and wellness website Health Guide, most healthy adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Children and teens need even more.

“Despite the notion that our sleep needs decrease with age, most older people still need at least seven hours of sleep,” it noted.

This period of time allows the body to repair itself and replenish lost energy. Sleep also allows the brain to relax, restore alertness and focus, and even reduce stress levels.

Get moving
Sitting at a desk or through traffic every day does not do anything good for the body. Without proper exercise, blood circulation becomes less efficient and this risks decreased strength and muscle mass. From simple movements like taking the stairs or stretching while in the office chair, to signing up for the gym or playing a sport, getting even 20 minutes of exercise per day will help keep the body agile.

Get the right nutrients
As adults, it is important to ensure to have the right amount of nutrients that the body needs — a diet rich in calcium and protein plus other vitamins and minerals. This means, it’s time to switch out go-to fast food meals for something healthier and rich in nutrition, and to skip out on the sodas in favor of water or alternative healthy beverages like milk. Staying hydrated helps manage your energy levels, lubricate the joints, deliver oxygen throughout the body and flush out toxins.

Source of daily calcium requirement
Two glasses of Anlene MoveMax every day supplies 100 percent of daily calcium requirement for the bones, high protein for muscles and collagen for joints. Anlene wants to help you pursue and celebrate healthy ageing. Especially formulated for the needs of adults, Anlene wants to be a partner of one’s journey to healthy ageing.

Available in three different flavors —Original, White Coffee and Chocolate — and in single serve sachets, one can kick off a health journey in a fun and affordable way.

One can be a proud 30-, 40- or 50-something who can #MoveYourAge with Anlene MoveMax.



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