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Light your home smarter


Imagine a future where you could just let your kitchen or bedroom lights flash colors in tune to a dance music or where lighting could notify you of the weather.

Imagine if you are away from home but you could still turn on the lights there with just a swipe on your cellphone.

These were the future of lighting with Philips’ roster of innovation concepts that combined lighting with creativity in 2014. With the exclusive launch preview of Philips Hue, a personal wireless lighting system is now in the Philippines which allows us to control connected lights in our homes or from anywhere in the world using a smart device. The system provides an entire spectrum of 16 million colors, that could be adjusted to fit any moment of the day, whether it’s a quiet moment or a get-together with a loved one.

Philips Hue offers consumers intuitive technology to create and personalize light through an app to set the mood and feel of your living space. With the Philips Hue home lighting system (meethue.com), you could control every light in your house down to its color, saturation, and brightness — right from your phone. Some ways to use light with Philips Hue include helping you relax or concentrate, to reminding you of that perfect sunset or bringing a bedtime story to life. It could even tell you if it’ll rain later. Abe Olandres, a panelist during the launch, has been using the Hue smart lighting system since 2014. With 25 smart bulbs in his condo, he never moved back to the harsh lighting of fluorescent lights. He installed a motion sensor in his hallway and in the comfort room with pre-programmed colors. He has lighting conditions for eating, watching TV or reading a book.

Colors are pre-programmed in the Hue app. Olandres then issues a voice command through his Google Home device for a specific lighting mood. I asked him what colors he uses for writing blog posts. Red with pink lights work best for him. A warm orange hue would suit me more.

Choosing from a spectrum of over 16 million colors, Philips Hue allows you to personalize your home lighting experience with custom settings and program timers to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Scenes in the Hue app are Savanna sunset, Arctic aurora, tropical twilight, spring blossom, Relax, Read, Concentrate, Energize, Bright, Dimmed, Nightlight, Sunset, Winter, and Pink Sunset, Winter and Pink Sunset. Adjusting the brightness of each scene in the app is possible. Here are some ways to create the perfect ambiance with your scenes and routines.

1. A gentle wake-up call in the morning could be enabled by increasing the brightness to ease you into the day. This works best if you use dark curtains.

2. Control your Philip Hue Lights anywhere, just with the app. This is useful when you are
out of town and need to turn on the lights for security reasons or to turn off the lights in case you forgot to.

3. Set your lights to greet you after a long day out by enabling the geo-fencing feature on the Philips Hue app. You could also set the right mood with light scenes like a Tropical Twilight or Tokyo lights or add a customized scene to your liking.

4. Sit back and chill with an immersive entertainment experience by syncing your lights with music, videos, and games with Philips Hue. Communicate through voice commands with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest and Apple Homekit and even synchronize the smart lights with Spotify, Apple music and YouTube.

5. Set to snooze by telling your go-to smart assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant “Good night” and your lights would dim automatically.

The Hue starter kit includes three Hue White and Color Ambiance (WACA) bulbs and a bridge, that allows you to add up to 50 Philips Hue light LED bulbs and up to 12 switches and other accessories through the Philips Hue app. Aside from Alex and Google Assistant, Philips Hue is compatible with other smart-hoe platforms like Apple Homekit, Samsung Smartthings, Microsoft Cortana, Bosch and Logitech. It also features Bluetooth connectivity and Zigbee technology for an expanded lighting experience.

Light is more than turning on or off a switch. A whole new world is being driven to your life and home by affective moods and transforming rooms in an instant with the perfect lighting.  The Hue could be the first step to turn your home into a smart home by creating lighting customized around your lifestyle.

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