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Online streaming keeps eSports alive in PH


Part 2
Despite the disappearance of popular gaming cafés in Metro Manila (Extreme Gaming Grounds in Greenhills was one of them) and familiar gaming company brands such as Level-up and e-Games toning down, and not to mention Hack’enSlash.net, a local gaming news website, eGaming is still very much alive in the country, and has evolved into a very lucrative eSports in its own right. This is thanks in part to online steaming and, of course, much better internet connection.

Today, gamers could play and pay as low as P10 for an hour of DOTA2 plus the cost of a bottle of Cobra at a neighborhood gaming center manned by a sleepy elderly woman who couldn’t care less what you’re playing. Dark and cramped, these places are complete with noisy kids, surplus PCs, and monoblock seats. Wake the lady up if you want to buy cheap junk food available behind her counter, though.

For the moneyed, on the other hand, these hardcore gamers would shell out P100 or much more for the hour at high-end gaming cafés, complete with the added cost of a fancy coffee and a gourmet burger on the side as they seat comfortably in their La-Z-Boy-like chairs and play the games on extremely high-end (read: very expensive) Intel or AMD-powered computers armed with the latest and fastest video cards.

When it comes to live streaming, one of the most popular live streamed games in the Philippines is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Played mostly on Facebook, this is the reason many commuters inside buses and UV Express and pedestrians waiting in line for their ride are stuck gazing on their Android phones.

Moreover, there are now also a large number of amateur and professional eSports teams in Mobile legends. Big companies like Globe and PLDT have invested in Mobile Legends by having their own professional teams. Thus, making a career, complete with salary, benefits and all, out of gaming. Not to mention the mind-boggling cash prizes. Who would have thought?

To the dad in the viral video, let your kid play DOTA. Who knows? He could bring you a million dollars one day. Yes, in US dollars for playing that game you think is stupid and a waste of time. I’m sure you played patintero once in your life, if not Counter Strike. And to the mom. What could I say? Don’t be an enabler. Geez.

First Part: eGames @ Sea Games

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Today’s Front Page February 29, 2020