Like most technology providers, ASG Technologies, an industry-recognized and analyst-verified global software company, looks annually into the digital crystal ball to see the arc of innovation in the year ahead. The year 2020 being the threshold to a brand new decade, ASG’s future-driven outlook extends beyond the new year.

Praveen Kumar, general manager of Asia Pacific, ASG Technologies, shared with The Manila Times what are in store in the years ahead.

Major Trend 1: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will definitely grow across industries and so do the potential issues involved.

Even in a developing country like the Philippines, AI/ML is becoming pervasive. ASG’s Kumar explains: “A lot of manual and repetitive steps in a process are being automated because AI/ML delivers two significant advantages: It lessens human errors since the system performs the required steps, and it hastens the whole process to reduce time to market. As applied to insurance claims, for instance, less people are involved in menial tasks, more accounts can be processed and the company makes more money.

“The BPO (business process outsourcing) is the fastest-growing adopter of AI/ML. The banking and finance industry is not far behind. In manufacturing, an AIML-enabled process can contribute in managing accounts delinquencies, accounts receivables and accounts payables. It allows payment on time and hastens the ability to receive and send reminders or notices.”

He added, “The issue today is newer things will come with AI/ML but for the older things (aka legacy systems) that you already have, enabling them to have AI/ML built into them is usually tough. A lot of legacy is involved and ,a lot of complications may arise. Imagine the costs and challenges in enabling all systems connected to an enterprise network.

“The way to solve that is to build a layer in front which has an AI/ML in it, and you use the layer behind just to receive data. We put a layer in front that has AI/ML, RPA, mobility capability built in. The intelligence is in the layer in front while the data is in the layer behind.”

Major Trend 2: Data scientists and stewards will play a bigger role in most enterprises. ASG’s Kumar has seen that the number of data scientists doubled in 2019. It’s an offshoot of what he thinks is the need of the business user to make sense of all data coming from various sources.

There’s a lot of internal data as well as external data such as on social media that the business user wants to draw value from. Kumar elaborates: “The business user will require the data scientist to mine all relevant data so he can make money out of it. The data scientist will have ways to mine the data, tell which data should go where and how it should be used. The bottomline is to increase revenue, reduce operating cost or even enhance the brand image.

“There will be the added benefit that researchers with the requisite background and expertise will be elevated to highly paid data scientists.”

Major Trend 3: Monolithic, purpose-built applications will move to new, nimble applications. Kumar said: “What’s happening today is that the features (of a product) that’s available on the web differ from what’s on mobile. The reason being that most enterprises are tapping different sets of people to build on different platforms for different target segments.

“What we’re eventually seeing is that people will be using a single platform to build on the web and develop the mobile app and automate the process. This will enable a seamless user experience.”

These trends and predictions are not simply armchair mental exercises to divine the next wave of innovation. By capitalizing on them, Kumar foresees significant upsurge in revenue streams for ASG Technologies. He also thinks that the upcoming developments will continue to provide investment areas for almost all Association of Souteast Asian Nations business entities on their journey towards digital transformation.