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5 in 10 Pinoys expect Duterte to deliver most of his promises – SWS


More than half of Filipinos believe that President Rodrigo Duterte will fulfill most, if not all, of his campaign promises, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

Of 1,200 adult Filipinos polled in December last year, 52 percent said Duterte could fulfill “all or nearly all/most of his promises.”

Meanwhile, 16 percent expressed confidence that Duterte can live up to “all or nearly all” of his promises, 36 percent said “most” promises will be fulfilled, 42 percent believed only a “few” will be carried out, while the remaining 5 percent answered “none or almost none.”

“The latest proportion of 52 percent expecting nearly all/most of President Duterte’s promises to be fulfilled is 4 points above the 48 percent (13 percent all or nearly all, 35 percent most) in December 2018,” SWS said.

“When first asked in June 2016, 63 percent expected nearly all/most of his promises to be fulfilled, before it declined to 56 percent in September 2016 and 52 percent in March 2017,” it added.

It fell to a personal record-low of 35 percent in September 2017, just after Duterte’s one-year mark in office, before recovering to 46 percent in March 2018, 48 percent in December 2018, and 52 percent in December 2019.

President Rodrigo Duterte presides over a situation briefing on the effects of the Taal Volcano eruption at the Batangas Provincial Sports Complex on January 14, 2020. ACE MORANDANTE/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

Meanwhile, those expecting at least a few of Duterte’s promises can be fulfilled gave him higher net satisfaction ratings than those expecting almost none or none.

Duterte’s net satisfaction rating was an excellent +87 among those who say he can fulfill all or nearly all of his promises, an excellent +90 among those expecting he can fulfill most of his promises, and a very good +60 among those who say he can fulfill a few of his promises.

“These figures are all higher than their September 2017, March 2018, and December 2018 counterparts,” SWS said.

Based on the same survey, 82 percent of adult Filipinos are satisfied with Duterte’s performance, while only 10 percent are dissatisfied.

Only 8 percent could not say whether they are satisfied or not.

“Compared to September 2019, gross satisfaction with President Duterte rose by 4 points from 78 percent, gross undecided fell by 1 point from 9 percent, and gross dissatisfaction fell by 3 points from 13 percent,” SWS said.

The survey results yielded a net satisfaction score of “excellent” +72, up by seven points from September 2019’s “very good” +65. CATHERINE VALENTE


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