Sunday, May 2, 2021

Upscale entertainment brought to new heights at the Victoria Arts and Theater Tower


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SET to be launched on the auspicious Chinese Lunar New Year on Saturday, January 25, the latest high-end development from New San Jose Builders Inc. (NSJBI) promises to be the tallest tower in Quezon City (QC).

In the bustling heart of the metropolis that houses some of the glitziest malls in the country, stellar government institutions, and the glittering media networks of ABS-CBN and GMA -which have contributed to the city’s earning the moniker of “the City of Stars” – the 60-storey vertical masterpiece rises from a sprawling 2880 sqm prime location, right beside the GMA Network Center on bustling Timog Avenue, Diliman, QC.

Conceptualized as a haven for the theater arts while offering a holistic living experience for urbanites of every subculture of the social stratosphere, the themed condominium building, showcasing the finest amenities that NSJBI has to offer, creates a new blueprint for modern city living.

Amenities above and beyond convenience
One of the true marks of luxury is being able to afford and bask in stress-free spaces tucked gracefully well within the busy city – luxurious spaces such as those afforded by the Victoria Arts and Theater Tower.

Ever present are the trademark features that have come to exemplify the Victoria benchmark for premier condominium living. Five expansive floor levels of exclusive car parking are accessible from the basement and lower ground and are supplemented by five prestigious parking units at the commercial levels. These are par for the course for the shopping and leisure units to provide maximum convenience for the posh tenants and residents.

Theater Stage


Swimming Pool

Multi-Purpose Hall

Grand Lobby

Following a modern, minimalist vibe that is pristine yet infused with touches of lived-in, old-world charm, 60 floors (residential and units) 180 meters high. Most flats are cut into cozy 22 sqm sanctuaries that unfold with design variations that suit the evolving needs of expanding families.

And then there is one theater that can accommodate 350 persons that need to be seen in order to be believed. Imagine the play of lights, music, and words that weave a story of a life well lived on many levels.

The Victoria Arts and Theater Tower imposes on the senses of theater goers, shoppers, and residents alike. Its V-shaped towers connect via a common podium, leading to swimming pools along with spa and gym facilities as well as music lounges and art studios that are worthy of the high-rise development’s name.

Fun on many levels
From the 50th floor and up, there will be a varied selection of the aforementioned music lounges along with choice restobars that will elevate the Timog bar scene with trend-worthy nightspots catering to the IG and OG crowds on either end of the age spectrum.

To top it all off, there will be a Sky Lounge above all other sky lounges that will redefine the meaning of upscale. Imagine landing in a chopper on the helipad atop the 60th floor and settling down for some whiskey sour or wine before winding down to a night at the theater for a bit of a show amongst four stages in the floors below.

Further picture opening your eyes and mind to an exhibit of classical and modern art featuring collections of Architect Jose Azucar, some of which have been showcased at the noteworthy Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, and commissioned artwork from today’s contemporary artists. The artwork lines the hallways of a European-inspired facade that gives the impression that one has escaped the cold, fast-paced concrete jungle that is industrial Quezon City.

A true haven for lovers of beauty and excellence, there is no place like it in the City.

Builders of the perfect present and future
NSJBI has established itself as an industry leader for themed condominium high-rises and niche hotels.

NSJBI has already set the Victoria Sports Tower as the high watermark for urban living by providing complete amenities in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle without having to weave through busy traffic beyond the city limits.

Where else can people with active lifestyles enjoy 50-meter swimming pools, tennis and badminton courts and basketball courts, all under one roof? The two-hour drive outside the city is now just a two-minute elevator ride.

Victoria Arts and Theater residents will also get to experience this world-class sports facilities as they have one year free access to Victoria Sports Tower.

Art and theater as rejuvenation for the soul
The philosophy behind Victoria Towers deeply understands and addresses the various demands of urban living. It speaks to the hearts and minds of young urban professionals who work hard, sacrifice, and save up to reach their dreams.

The Victoria Arts and Theater Tower embodies how NSJBI understands their need to invest in their physical wellbeing, cultural growth and spiritual rejuvenation. The luxurious abode takes the best performances beneath their feet, perhaps an elevator ride or two away.

The Acuzar
The chairman and founder of New San Jose Builders Inc., Architect Jose “Jerry” Azucar has placed the stamp of his unwavering commitment for specialized projects in all of NSJBI’s projects from the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar to the Vitoria Arts and Theater Tower.

As a self-made man whose fortune was built on the firm foundation of hard work and reverence for traditional values, Jose Acuzar’s principles are reflected in the corporation and structures he has built. These reflect his commitment to valuing relationships and memories.

These are the reasons why NSJBI has become one of the major players in urban real-estate development. Aside from being built on solid partnerships and outstanding moments, the projects of Acuzar’s corporation are founded on state-of-the-art construction methods and materials.

Acuzar’s company provides value to its clientele by not outsourcing its construction. This is what makes Acuzar’s personnel real builders. They are in tune with the essentials of construction. When they envision a project, they approach it with the mindset of true builders.

NSJBI has its own design, planning, construction, and even sales and marketing units. Right at the conceptual stage, throughout every step of the development, the actual building process, marketing and pre-selling, up to the turn-over, all work is done under the auspices of one company.

These savings are transferred to the urban professional clients, who are offered the best value in every property sold. There is no shortchanging on materials, and the workmanship quality consistently adheres to a high standard, guided by strong, timeless principles that seek to build not just cold, calculated square meters, but living, breathing spaces.



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