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Send our finest, most affordable flowers on Valentine’s Day


WHETHER it is for a surprise or a part of something more elaborate, giving a fresh set of blooms can take your Valentine’s celebration to the next level. If you are living in the Philippines and you want nothing less than the best flowers for Valentine’s Day (V-Day), then you should get them from phgifts.com . As a high end, online flower store in the Philippines dedicated to providing flowers and gifts for all occasions all year round, the online service provides high-quality flowers and arrangements that are set to put a smile on the face of anyone in your life for any occasion or even none at all.

Flowers are still considered one of the best gifts you can give to someone you hold dearly, regardless of who they are and what they are in your life. While you are hunting for a flower shop in Manila that will provide you with all the goods during the month of February and beyond, it would be nice to know some facts regarding the universally accepted act of giving flowers during V-Day.

The legend of Valentine’s Day stretches way back to the 3rd century AD during the Roman Empire. At this time, marriage was outlawed by their emperor, Claudius, because he believed that single men made better soldiers. A young priest named Valentine did not agree with this and continued to hold secret marriages for Romans. He was, therefore, jailed by Claudius and sentenced to death. While in jail, Valentine developed a forbidden love for the jail warden’s daughter who visited him in his cell and whom he reportedly cured of blindness. Before the priest was executed on February 14, he wrote a letter to the warden’s daughter, signed with “From your Valentine.” To commemorate his efforts to glorify love, February 14 was celebrated to honor the memory of this martyr-turned-saint.

This became the day to express love for all but most especially to spouses and significant others.

Flower power: Why flowers make the best gifts

Up to this day, people still celebrate Valentine’s Day with a passion anywhere in the world. It is the very reason why a flower store in Manila can get loaded with orders for this month.
Even as all sorts of presents have become fashionable to give during V-Day, people still see flowers as the best gift to give loved ones on the day of hearts. Regardless if you are the old-fashioned type of romantic or if you are a believer in new-age approaches, giving out flowers is a tradition that has endured the test of time.

Flowers are fantastic gifts because of what they represent. In general, all flowers are beautiful, especially when arranged the right way. However, even in its plain and unorganized state, flowers are simply pretty, and this is why it never goes out of style. One of the most heartfelt expressions of love is giving a fresh bundle of flowers. No matter who the recipients are, what their age, or what their status in life is, people appreciate the thought that goes into selecting and sending the blossoms, regardless of the occasion. Even a bouquet purchased from an affordable flower shop in the Philippines is priceless for the person who receives it.

Flowers can work for any occasion and at any time of the year. In fact, you can drop by a flower shop in the Philippines, pick up a bouquet for that special someone and watch that person’s day brighten up even without an occasion. However, the day of hearts remains to be the best time for flowers. This is partly due to what flowers represent: passion, freshness and purity, which are three of the best things about pure love.Therefore, do not hesitate to book an online delivery service in Manila for a flower that is appropriate for the recipient and the occasion of love.

Why choose phgifts.com?

There are many flower shops in the country, but nobody delivers quite like phgifts.com. If you are looking for an inexpensive floral shop in Manila that delivers to any part of the country, yet still provides a high level of service that you can expect from a premium flower store, then look no further. Our online services, perhaps the first of its kind in the country, is an incomparable option when it comes to ordering flowers for delivery during any occasion in the Philippines. If you need flowers to impress the love of your life this February 14, we have the solutions for you right at your fingertips.

Providing flowers, bouquets, flower arrangements and other gifts for all occasions at any time of the year, phgifts.com is an online flower shop that specializes in flower delivery in the Philippines. We also offer flowers at wholesale and retail prices, which can help if you’re hosting a big event or you’re running a flower shop business yourself. If you are looking for the freshest flowers that we can offer anywhere in the Philippines, we are the service provider that will give you precisely what you need.

Further solidifying our reputation as a go-to source for affordable flower delivery in the Philippines is the fact that we have garnered favorably strong reviews for our services. Our loyal buyers know that we are able to deliver, regardless of the time of year. We also listen to the feedback of our buyers to ensure that their recipients get the gifts exactly the way the sender intended. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and we even offer same-day deliveries if you are in a rush. For maximum satisfaction, we make sure that all the flowers we sell are 100% fresh from our farms and of superior quality.

Your choice of flowers

Picking flowers for a particular occasion can sometimes be tricky. There are specific flowers that are considered as shoo-ins for a specific occasion, but you also need to consider the desires of your loved one. Whether you want something simple or extravagant, we have the bouquets and gifts that will match your vision. Of course, the flowers shall always be the star. Our affordable flower shop in the Philippines carries some of the most popular flowers in the world. And we can mix and match them to create some extravagant bouquets and gifts.

Roses as a Valentine’s gift in the Philippines ‒ The rose is considered to be the flower of choice for Valentine’s Day. Its vibrant colors are synonymous to love and are a surefire way to express your affection. We have different colors of roses available on stock and we can create any kind of bouquet or arrangement with them.

Stargazers as a Valentine’s gift in the Philippines ‒ A variant of the lily, the stargazer has proven to be a popular and versatile flower that can be given at almost any occasion. It is now considered as a unique gift idea for Valentine’s Day due to its rich colors. Not only do stargazers look good, it also smells so good that its fragrance adds to the entire desirability of the package.

Sunflowers as a Valentines Gift in Manila ‒ The sunflower has finally received its long overdue recognition as a flower worthy of love. A flower that symbolizes strong values such as adoration, loyalty and longevity, its round shape and bright yellow colors are a brilliant choice as a gift for your beloved.

Giving flowers need not be expensive

Most people are worried that if they get inexpensive flower delivery in Manila, they are going to get cheap products and service. There is a good reason for such thinking; a lot of people ended up not getting their money’s worth when they chose to go for the cheap route. On the flip side, there are a number of situations when people end up paying vast sums of money and still get results that fall way short of expectations. At phgifts.com, we believe that giving flowers need not be expensive. We are an affordable flower store in the Philippines that takes pride in quality above everything else.

Our secret to quality all starts with our high-quality flowers. All of our plants are harvested from our homegrown plants, which are all raised by professional arborists. We believe that in order to get the best flowers, we need to keep our plants in tip-top shape. We also make sure that all the flowers we use for our signature flower arrangements, and ultimately send out to our customers, are freshly harvested. While we are an reasonably priced floral shop, we take pride in the fact that we harvest and arrange flowers on the same day. This ensures that you and your special someone receive them in the finest possible condition.

As for our flower arrangements and gifts, they are crafted by our professional florists. With years of experience in handling flowers, they are very knowledgeable in creating arrangements and presents for just about every occasion and theme out there. We have an expensive array of floral designs and packages that you can choose from and order right away. You can also have your own gift or bouquet ideas customized. Just make sure to describe in detail how our customer service team can help you get this done. You can discuss things like the size of the gift, the flowers to be added and the motif to be followed. We will then execute this plan to perfection.

Send flowers anywhere in the Philippines

Making sure that your flowers will reach its target destination with the perfect timing can be quite tricky. However, execute this flawlessly and you are sure to get a lot of points from the object of your affections. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love in all its many splendored ways.

We know it is a potential logistical nightmare to send something as fragile as flower bouquets across long distances, but our team at phgifts.com has it figured out. Regardless of where your special someone resides in the Philippines, we guarantee that your beloved will receive the flowers just the way you like it. To make things even better, we also offer same-day flower delivery in Metro Manila. You order the flowers from us, and your loved one will receive it on the same day. This can come in handy during the Valentine’s rush if you are pressed for time to visit any other run-of-the-mill flower store.

A lot of people may think that having those flowers sent to a specific address will be expensive. In fact, some people find out the hard way that the shipping and handling costs are almost as expensive as the flowers itself. True to our commitment to providing flowers for everyone at the right price, we make sure that shipping costs are kept affordable. We even offer free shipping for bulk purchases and the like.

You can’t go wrong with phgifts.com

Try our online delivery portal right now. Beyond economical, we provide quality flowers at the most desirable prices. We will make sure that your Valentine’s Day preparations will be accomplished, and you won’t need an over-the-top budget to do exactly that. Visit our website today, view our catalog up close, place your orders and see the difference for yourself.


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