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Greenfield District: What makes a walkable district?


WITH rapid urbanization and fast-paced lifestyle, more and more modern communities are heeding the call for green and pedestrian-friendly spaces. Studies have shown that green spaces work wonders when it comes to relieving stress, anxiety, and promoting a more positive well-being.
With this in mind, property developer Greenfield Development Corp. has carefully constructed the 15-hectare Greenfield District in such a way that it provides denizens with pockets of tranquility and convenience.

Located at the corner of EDSA and Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City, Greenfield District features wide sidewalks, tree-lined walkways and open spaces, a thoughtful contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

With students and young professionals hurriedly making their way to schools and offices, every minute becomes important. Thankfully, Greenfield District has been designed with great accessibility to major modes of public transport. Paved pathways guide commuters to main thoroughfares so they can be on their way via the Manila Metro Rail Transit System stations and bus terminals.

After a full day at school or work, taking a breather and regaining energy is fairly easy. A wide selection of restaurants and cafes abound in Greenfield District. The Hub, Pavilion, and The Portal, for instance, offer a variety of choices for dining and recreation. There are even one-of-the-kind indoor sports adventure hubs like Climb Central Manila and Trampoline Park for fun and dynamic workouts.

Inside the Trampoline Park at Greenfield District

As Greenfield District is tucked away from main thoroughfares, the roar of vehicles is pleasantly muffled and a quick stroll in the park becomes a daily therapeutic affair.

Lounging while taking in a welcome breath of fresh air makes for introspective moments and quiet conversations with family or friends.

To add to the simple sophistication of the community, the tree-lined roads and sidewalks are unencumbered with power lines, as utilities and cabling have been installed underground. Surrounded by an inviting environment and various establishments, residents become more physically active and are eager to explore nearby areas of interest on foot.

Not only do Greenfield District’s green spaces provide a welcome respite from the stress of city living, but also a venue for vibrant community activities for shoppers, foodies, and music-lovers. The Greenfield District Central Park is home to the amusing events and activities like the Kaleidoscope where everyone can chill out with good food and live music every Friday; unique food stalls and shops during The Greenfield Weekend Market, farm-to-table products at Urban Farm and Sunset Fair every Sunday where families can spend time together for sumptuous food; great music, and fun activities. Residents can invite friends and just kick back, relax and forget about their worries. It is a lifestyle destination that has become the favorite hangout of Greenfield District’s dwellers.

Walking is not just good for the body, but also for the mind and the soul. With the intermingling of city life and Greenfield District’s green and walkable spaces, residents can refresh their spirit whenever and however they please, and use nature as fuel for another challenge-filled week ahead.


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