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Covid-19 pandemic send in giant pharmaceuticals


FOR this piece, I won’t make assumptions. I won’t postulate. I won’t speculate. I won’t even try to make conclusions. I will just cite facts and let these facts speak for themselves. I may make commentaries here and there, but only by way of making issues clear.

Fact 1: Coronavirus is laboratory-made
The Baric Study. On Nov. 9,2015, Dr. Ralph Baric, Ph.D, a William R. Kenan Jr.-distinguished professor in the Department of Epidemiology and professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of North Carolina, published in Nature Medicine, a scientific journal, a study made by his team of researchers in which there was admission of having engineered a coronavirus. By “engineered,” it means having made something not natural, in this case a non-natural coronavirus.

In her article “Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate” at the website The Scientist dated Nov. 16, 2015, author Jef Akst quotes the following remarks:

“‘The only impact of this work is the creation, in a lab, of a new, non-natural risk,’ Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist and biodefence expert at Rutgers University, told Nature.

“‘If the [new] virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory,’ Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, told Nature.

“‘[The results] move this virus from a candidate emerging pathogen to a clear and present danger,’ Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, which samples viruses from animals and people in emerging-diseases hotspots across the globe, told Nature.”

The article has this annotation: “Update (March 11, 2020): On social media and news outlets, a theory has circulated that the coronavirus at the root of the Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) outbreak originated in a research lab. Scientists say there is no evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2)…escaped from a lab.”

An article, “Finally, some good news in fight against coronavirus,” by Max Niesen published March 14, 2020 in the website Opinion, has this accompanying photograph:

Fact 2: Leakage of ‘deadly agent’ at Usamriid inside Fort Detrick in Maryland, US.
The website WJLA.com posted on Jan. 23, 2020 an article datelined Frederick, Maryland by Diana DiGangi, “Army germ lab shut down by CDC in 2019 had several ‘serious’ protocol violations that year.”

According to the story, “In 2019, an Army laboratory at Fort Detrick that studies deadly infectious material like Ebola and smallpox was shut down for a period of time after a (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inspection, with many projects being temporarily halted.

Among the CDC observations cited by the story are:

“Severity level: Moderate
“In this violation observation, the CDC went into more detail on the incident of the worker not wearing gloves while disposing of biohazardous waste, writing that ‘biosafety and containment procedures must be sufficient to contain the select agent or toxin.’

“The corrective action they recommended was to confirm that relevant personnel have been trained to wear gloves to prevent exposure to hazardous materials.

“The lab itself reported that the shutdown order was due to ongoing infrastructure issues with wastewater decontamination, and the CDC declined to provide the reason for the shutdown due to national security concerns.

“Severity level: Serious
“In this observation, the CDC notes that the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases had ‘systematically failed to ensure implementation of biosafety and containment procedures commensurate with the risks associated with working with select agents and toxins.’

“The violation specifically observed involved ‘entity personnel […] propping open’ a door while removing ‘large amounts of biohazardous waste’ from an adjacent room, ‘[increasing] the risk of contaminated air from [the room] escaping and being drawn into the [redacted]’ where the people working ‘typically do not wear respiratory protection.’”

Fact 3: Wuhan World Military Games 2019
A report by Xinhua goes:
“WUHAN, October 15: A group of 17 athletes from the US Armed Forces has arrived at the airport in the central Chinese city of Wuhan for the up-coming 2019 Military World Games here on Monday midnight.

“About 300 athletes from the United States are expected to arrive in the next 2 days.”

Reuters reports March 25, 2020:
“The Trump administration cut staff by more than two-thirds at a key US public health agency operating inside China, as part of a larger rollback of US-funded health and science experts on the ground there leading up to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Most of the reductions were made at the Beijing office of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and occurred over the past two years, according to public CDC documents viewed by Reuters and interviews with four people familiar with the drawdown.

“The Atlanta-based CDC, America’s preeminent disease fighting agency, provides public health assistance to nations around the world and works with them to help stop outbreaks of contagious diseases from spreading globally. It has worked in China for 30 years.

“The CDC’s China headcount has shrunk to around 14 staffers, down from approximately 47 people since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, the documents show. The four people, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the losses included epidemiologists and other health professionals.”

On March 13, 2020, author Lisa Winter reports in the website Scientist: “Chinese officials blame US Army for coronavirus.” She writes:

“On Thursday (March 12), Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took to Twitter, a social platform banned in China, to ask when did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”

Fact 4: Admissions on earlier outbreak of Covid-19 in US
On March 19,2020, Heather Mongilio reports in the Frederick News-Post:

“The Secretary of the Army visited Fort Detrick on Thursday in order to learn more about the work being done to combat Covid-19.

“In a biosafety level 3 laboratory, a scientist with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (Usamriid) worked with a sample of a new coronavirus, officially called SARS-CoV 2.

“‘Usamriid received a sample of the virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,’ said Kathleen Gibson, chief of the Core Laboratory Services Division at Usamriid.

“‘Researchers at the laboratory are cultivating the virus in order to have enough for future tests and other needs. That can include making sure a test result is correct. At Usamriid, the virus is multiplied, purified and then divided among projects,’ Gibson said.”

CDC Director testimony
In a video clip on a congressional inquiry, CDC Director Robert Redfield admits that there have been Americans who died from what was diagnosed as influenza, but who upon exhumation of their remains were found to have died of Covid-19. The deaths cited took place before the Wuhan outbreak.

Fact 5: CDC Record
An article in website Exopolitics.com, “CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship,” datelined Vancouver, BC, Aug. 28, 2014, delineates the long history undergone by the CDC. It begins in 1946, right after the end of the Second World War, when the Office of Strategic Services, said to be the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), did Operation Paper Clip.

Here’s how the article presents that beginning:

“After World War 2, the US military hired sixteen hundred former Nazi scientists and doctors, including some of Adolf Hitler’s closest collaborators, including men responsible for murder, slavery and human experimentation, including men convicted of war crimes, men acquitted of war crimes and men who never stood trial. Some of the Nazis tried at Nuremberg had already been working for the US in either Germany or the US prior to the trials. Some were protected from their past by the US government for years, as they lived and worked in Boston Harbor, Long Island, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Alabama and elsewhere (Georgia?)…Some trial transcripts were classified in their entirety to avoid exposing the pasts of important U. scientists…

“The US occupiers of Germany after World War 2 declared that all military research in Germany was to cease, as part of the process of denazification. Yet [Nazi] research went on and expanded in secret, under US authority, both in Germany and in the United States, as part of a process that it’s possible to view as nazification of the United States.”

The article makes so many astonishing revelations that it just is impossible to cite them in details in this column. The reader is advised to go through the expositions therein.

Here is one passage from the article:

“The CIA has a sweet-heart relationship with the Center for Disease Control, which allows it to dictate what the CDC reports and even what data it supplies to researchers requesting it. That is, the CDC keeps several different ‘books’ on morbidity and mortality to supply to different ‘consumers’ actually relate to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

“In this way the CDC has helped the CIA and military cover up incidents of bio-warfare germs, released unintentionally or even intentionally, inside the US [and other countries, as well].”

As to what the CDC is, the article declares:

“The Centers for Disease Control is a corporation headquartered in the state of Georgia. The CDC is not part of a legitimate government. It is a private for-profit corporation that is chartered under the umbrella of the private for-profit United States corporation with extremely close ties to the pharmaceutical companies. (See: Our Government is a Company, the Clearfield Doctrine and The Great American Adventure — Secrets of America by Judge Dale.)”

And as to who owns it, the article asks the question and by way of making a reply, traces the history of how vaccines have been developed for genocidal purposes (the Tuskegee experiment, for one, which deliberately let hundreds of American black syphilis victims die by simply not giving them the cure that was there), the depopulation of the world in order to keep business going for the pharmaceuticals owned by the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.

“The idea of using vaccines to covertly reduce births in the Third World is also not new. Bill Gates’ good friend, David Rockefeller and his Rockefeller Foundation were involved as early as 1972 in a major project together with WHO…

“Gates’ TED 2010 speech on…population reduction is consistent with a report that appeared in New York City’s ethnic media, Irish.Central.com in May 2009. According to the report, a secret meeting took place on May 5, 2009 at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, president of Rockefeller University, among some of the wealthiest people in America. Investment guru Warren Buffett, who in 2006 decided to pool his $30-billion Buffett Foundation into the Gates foundation [vaccines] to create the world’s largest private foundation with some $60 billion, tax-free, was present. Banker David Rockefeller was the host.

“The exclusive letter of invitation was signed by Gates, Rockefeller and Buffett. They decided to call themselves the ‘Good Club.’ Also present was media czar Ted Turner, billionaire founder of CNN who stated in a 1996 interview for the Audubon nature magazine, where he said that a 95-percent reduction of world population to between 225-300 million would be ‘ideal.’ In a 2008 interview at Philadelphia’s Temple University, Turner fine-tuned the number to 2 billion, a cut of more than 70 percent from today’s population. Even less elegantly than Gates, Turner stated, ‘We have too many people…’

“But the CIA [Rothschild/Rockefellers] also had other agencies around the world cooking their books to cover up the illegal activities they were engaged in which included fomenting wars, preventing people from having water safe to drink (e.g., Iraq), preventing people from having access to food, medicines, distributing vaccines with bio-warfare germs such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), infertility drugs, toxins like mercury, anti-human chorogonaditropin antibody inducers (to prevent pregnancy), etc. for the purpose of genocide. To cover up these many crimes against humanity around the world, meant that they had their agents, often CIA and MI6 officers, committing black ops to bribe and coerce officials throughout the world to cook their books.

“However, because they also wanted to know what was really the result of their genocidal policies, the CIA usually kept the original databases ‘off the record’ at the CIA’s headquarters at Langley as well as supplying them to the Fort Detrick US Army Chemical and BioWarfare Research Labs (The labs whence coronavirus was suspected to have leaked in April 2019. — Author). That Lab, as well as the CIA’s own labs, needed the data to prove the effectiveness of their ‘interventions.’ (Emphasis added) https://hercolano2.blogspot.com/2012/07/pentagon-cia-cdc-depleted-uranium.html.”

In conclusion, the article has this to say:

“The CDC is mandating sterilizing vaccines to American children. It clearly has close CIA ties which means the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers were half owners of IG Farben, the Nazi pharmaceutical and chemical giant that ran the concentration camps and performed hideous experiments on unwilling human beings. The CIA under Operation Paperclip brought 1,600 Nazi doctors, researchers, technicians and engineers to the US at the end of World War 2. The CDC was founded at just that time and filled with ‘distinguished scientists.’ Since that time, the CDC has been killing black men, created a fake pandemic, killed huge numbers of fetuses with the swine flu vaccine, destroyed the minds of American children with the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella).”


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