This coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic is edging us closer towards an inflection point, where cyberspace becomes the primary channel for businesses to reach, engage and retain customers. At this critical point in time, organizations must decide whether to adapt and evolve or remain unchanged. The current state of affairs is that technology has become the buoy that is keeping businesses afloat.

Organizations that see this crisis as an opportunity are fearless enough not to scale back on their digital transformation efforts, but rather push forward as they navigate various challenges. Visionary organizations that are technology-heavy, data-driven and can afford to innovate constantly get to live two to three years into the future. These kinds of organizations usually gain their head start by experimenting with and deploying advances in technology to push the envelope for idealistic social reforms, giving small businesses a glimpse of a thriving society with hyper-connected consumers happy to offer personal data in exchange for personalized services and experience.

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