Global Medical Technologies (GMT) Manila is at the forefront of this effort with the vision towards bringing maximum global best practices in health and wellness to the Philippines and making these pratices more accessible to Filipinos. By being one of the significant local groups in the Philippines that responded to the requirements of the Biothreat Reduction Initiative Program, GMT is nurturing its expertise through its vast affiliation, effective methods and renowned credibility, validated by esteemed partners and recognized by the Department of Health’s Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM).

Through its partnerships with internationally acclaimed health service providers, GMT is a premier source of globally accepted medical practices and technologies, supporting a huge number of health facilities and clinics locally and abroad. As part of GMT’s Biothreat Reduction efforts, the organization also gave quick responses and raised efforts to fight against Asian Swine and Avian Flu.

GMT Manila’s dedication to bringing globally approved advanced technologies here in the Philippines paved the way for Filipinos to access different diagnostic services that would help patients in early detection and prevention of diseases. Their tests can also identify which medicines are suitable for the patient which makes the treatment personalized. Some of their products are geared towards equipping medical practitioners in identifying non-communicable diseases which includes Mental Health (Genomind), Cardio-Metabolic Conditions (Genosense and Doctor’s Data Inc., Oncology (RGCC and CellMax), & Allergy (Faber). GMT also offers diagnostic tools intended to improve the assessment of a patient’s health issue. These tests include those that involve Cardiovascular, Gut, Hormonal, Skin & Allergy, Men’s and Pediatric Health Test Consultation primarily needed by health professionals in providing the best treatment plan to patients.

Overall, GMT Manila is now extending their services and support to different organizations in line with their efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. After dealing and coordinating with the government for all planned efforts, GMT is now ready to make their services accessible by offering it to the private sector.