SAAB Philippines former Head, Carl-Erik Leek, together with Ambassador Harald Fries and Giselle Yap, senior trade promotion officer, from the Embassy of Sweden.

Sweden has a long history of creating inventions that are used on a global scale. How are Swedish businesses continuing this tradition of innovation today? And how do their ideas and creations help to improve the lives of Filipinos? We asked some members of #TEAMSWEDEN2.0. Here are their answers.

According to SAAB Philippines Head Anders Dahl,: “SAAB is a world leader in high-technology and every year we invest about 20 percent of our revenue in research and development to build new products and solutions for the future. All around the world,SAAB helps nations like the Philippines to protect their people and safeguard what is important to them across land, sea and air – even under the waves. SAAB wants to be a partner in the safety and security of the Philippines and to work with industry here to bring new skills and capabilities that will benefit the nation.For more than 80 years SAAB has been defined by its innovative thinking and advanced designs, but also by the trust we have built in more than 100 countries, including the Philippines, as a reliable provider of independent defense and security technology.”

Swedish Match Philippines General Manager Felipe Ramoso, has this to say:“Since close to a hundred years, Swedish Match has brought world quality safety matches to the Philippines, and been a pioneer and a transformation leader in lean, highly automated manufacturing.Currently, Swedish Match hopes to share all new innovations within Lights Technology as well as game-changing tobacco-free nicotine products – all in line with our vision of “A World Without Cigarettes”.”

Volvo Cars President Atty. Albert Arcilla, answered: “Volvo’s focus on protecting and caring for people has us a leader in safety, inspiring innovations such as the design and implementation of the first three-point safety belt, the first booster cushion for children, and the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) that have helped in saving countless lives and preventing injuries. Volvo Cars has now taken a bold step in embracing electrification and cleaner mobility by introducing our plug-in hybrid range and our first-ever fully electric car in the Philippines.”

Axis Communications National Sales Manager, Ria Abad, stated that: “Axis aims to provide new and innovative ways to allow our commercial customers to protect their premises in smarter and more effective ways, and to improve the level of safety, security and quality of life in the Philippines.We are strongly committed to innovation – bringing security cameras and other equipment to protect people, organizations and cities. On top of this, it is also our firm belief that ethics and sustainability issues are important to everyone in business and we aspire to be a leading practitioner in these areas.”

According to the Head of Ericsson Philippines, Singapore and Brunei, Martin Wiktorin:“At Ericsson, innovation is part of our DNA. With over 140 years of global presence, we continue to invest heavily in research and development every year in latest technologies such as 5G as well as future IoT.Here in the Philippines, we are constantly leveraging our global expertise to adapt our technology solutions to the local context for the benefit of both consumers and industries.”

Atlas Copco’s General Manager, MuhannadSoud, answered: “Atlas Copco developed SMARTLINK, a remote monitoring solution which is an important feature for compressed air systems during the Covid-19 situation since users , also in the Philippines, were able to connect and interact with their machines without being physically present onsite, thus ensuring system uptime and production continuity.Innovation drives us to continuously improve product performance to make them smarter, more energy-efficient and produced in a sustainable way.”

BDO’s Joseph Lledo, SVP and Unit Head of International Desk, said: “To be a part of #TEAMSWEDEN, you must be embrace the values of innovation, sustainability, respect for the environment and providing equal opportunity regardless of gender. #TEAMSWEDEN was founded on the idea of teamwork and collaboration. Here in BDO, we also embrace much of the same values. 60% of our workers are female. The most important this is our chairperson is also female, and perhaps one of the most powerful women in Asia. We also provide support for climate action, and we are one of the largest lenders to renewable energy in the country.”

Astra Zeneca, headed by General Manager LotisRamin, stated that: “AstraZeneca has innovative medicines designed to fight disease in important areas such as Oncology, Cardiovascular and Respiratory.We also partnered with multiple stakeholders to launch the Juan Healthy Lung Philippines, an initiative focused on reducing asthma deaths by supporting the education of physicians, pharmacists and patients, and improving access to asthma care.”