WE are writing in reference to an article published in The Manila Times on June 15, 2020, saying that our Subic Bay International Terminal Corp. (SBITC) — a subsidiary of International Container Services Inc. (ICTSI) — had let go of 121 employees because of losses from the current health crisis. We want to correct that report in your publication.

In fact, we have not let go of any employees throughout the recent crisis nor do we plan to let anyone go because of business loss in the near future as it relates to this health crisis. Our priority since day one of the lockdown was to take care of our employees at the SBITC, both financially and medically. We have provided continuous remittance of salaries, benefits and incentives throughout this time.

In fact, the government has considered our industry members of the economic frontline and our intention has been  to keep cargo moving in spite of all the risks the health crisis presented, and our employees responded in the bravest manner by coming to work daily to ensure the Filipino businessman could continue in the darkest of hours.

If the report had been accurate and we let go of 121 employees, this would have left us with roughly three employees on site which is impossible given that the import and export cargo of SBITC has been healthy and will continue to grow given the sputtering economy.

We believe you can issue an erratum to your article to ensure that the members of our business community in Luzon, especially Region 3, our regulator Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, and those stakeholders that rely on the continuous efforts of SBITC to serve its customers are clear that it is business as usual and our workforce remains intact and our morale high.

Roberto R. Locsin

Chief Executive Officer, Philippine Growth Terminals-ICTSI