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Whales, elves and the Volcano Man!


Some days I deal with a degree of anxiety that leaves me unable appreciate even the little moments of humor. It’s understandable — there’s no shortage of things to be worried about. However, after a long spell of overthinking, I really needed a break, I needed to give myself a chance to break into a smile or even laugh a bit.

“Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” starts out in 1974 — folks in the town of Husavik, Iceland are gathered in the home of Erick Erickssong to watch the finals of Eurovision. Abba comes on with their winning performance of “Waterloo” and young Lars Erickssong can’t help but dance to it. Soon, his friend Sigrit hears the music moves closer to the television to dance her little heart out as well.

Lars and Sigrit perform ‘Volcano Man’ amidst a stunning Icelandic landscape.


Lars and Sigrit are forever changed by this moment. Both grow up to be musicians, form an act called Fire Saga and hold on to the dream of making it to Eurovision.

Eurovision is huge and much anticipated entertainment spectacle which gathers performers from member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. The numbers usually involve pop songs, costumes and stage gimmicks. In the movie, a band called Moon Fang from Belarus performs in medieval, video game type costumes and prosthetics — reminiscent of an actual band from Finland, Lordi.

“The Story of Fire Saga” follows the duo’s adventures and mishaps on the road to achieving their dream. Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams are Lars and Sigrit and you can’t help but be tickled by the way they sing and perform the fun, silly, catchy and sometimes cheesy originals “Volcano Man,” “Ja Ja Ding Dong,” “Double Trouble” and “Husavik.”

Watch out, Alexander Lemtov (Dan Stevens) is the ‘Lion of Love.’

Then there’s Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey,” “Legion”) who almost steals the show as Russian contestant Alexander Lemtov. Check out his performance for a song called “Lion of Love.” Lemtov hosts a party for the Eurovison contestants and at one point there’s a “Song Along” which gathers previous contestants and favorites singing through a cleverly arranged medley of hits like Cher’s “Believe” and Madonna’s “Ray of Light.”

Pierce Brosnan plays Erick Erikssong, who has always scoffed at and belittled his son’s Eurovision dream. It’s worth noting Pierce was in both of the Mamma Mia! films which were all about the Abba songs.

Elves also figure into the plot but I’ll leave you to discovering the elf angle if you watch it.

I did lighten up a little after watching this. I was reminded of the good things in life, like music and close-knit groups. If you’re from a simple, quiet town and you don’t dream of living of anywhere else, your life could be wonderful. It makes me wonder why I haven’t tried harder to seek it out.


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