In today’s world, everyone is facing tough and uncertain times. This pandemic has undoubtedly affected the lives of young and old, rich and poor, every creed and color. Even celebrities here in the Philippines, namely actresses Liza Soberano and Yassi Pressman, admit that they’ve had to face difficult challenges in their careers and personal lives like most everyone across the country.

Yassi Pressman says it is always good to be surrounded with inspiring people as you mature. INSTAGRAM PHOTO

“It’s sad because I haven’t been able to open up Hope Wellness since the start of the pandemic. It’s pretty tough on us but we’re still thinking of ways as soon as GCQ comes back that we can be of service to our loyal customers,” she stated.

“We’re changing it into a more relaxing feel, but of course, with the safety protocols that we have all need to abide.”

Personally, Soberano also confessed adjusting to a slower pace and staying home, especially when loved ones’ birthdays came along.

“I celebrated about six different birthdays during the quarantine. My siblings’, my dad’s, Enrique’s and my aunt’s. It was different because we used to celebrate and eat out at restaurants but of course, this time we couldn’t do that,” she smiled sweetly.

“We celebrated at home and I cooked for all of those birthdays. We even made homemade cakes! It was different but it was not less meaningful because now we have the opportunity to just sit there, have real conversations with each other, reflect at the same time and realize what we’re grateful for and how we’re privileged in so many ways.”

Helping the community

Despite so many changes in life, what remains imbedded in both beauties is the passion to affect others positively, whether friends, family, fans or strangers.

During the pandemic, Pressman started a charity called Stay Safe Together and composed a song dedicated to the country’s frontliners.

“The pandemic really woke us up — me and my sister. Kasi kami na lang ngayon after what happened to us this year. We really wanted to just continue the goodness that our dad taught us to do no matter what,” Pressman, whose father passed away in February, related.

“So we started making sandwiches for the frontliners tapos kami mismo yung nagdadala sa mga checkpoints around the area. After that I figured, why don’t we make it bigger and reach out to people that we can’t, because being at home, we’re all isolated from one another, which should not be the reason for us to feel like we’re not in this together. That’s when we created a charity called Stay Safe Together [where] for every bracelet sold, anyone can help feed a family. That’s what kept me really busy throughout the quarantine,” she continued.

‘[As for the song], we made ‘Kaya Natin Ito’ which is a song of hope for the frontliners and Filipinos [across the country], which made me as happy as they were with the response that returned to us,” Pressman added.

Meanwhile, with the help of Nivea, Soberano was likewise able to reach out to her community and gave out food packages.

“We packed relief goods for different barangays around my area so I think I prepared relief goods for about over 300 families, and then we prepared meal for the frontliners. I would handwrite little notes because I feel like more than the food, what they needed were words of encouragement, because it is important for them to know that they are not in this battle alone,” recalled the 22-year-old movie and TV star.

Spreading positivity

With all that is happening, it is indeed normal to feel overwhelmed. Nevertheless, Pressman and Soberano believe that despite all the uncertainty everyone should be conscious about taking care of themselves as well their mental health.

“We all grow and when we were younger, we have these things that we don’t like about ourselves. But then we have to remember that growing up and blooming is a process and when you try to listen to women around you, and how they kind of grew into it the strong individuals they are today, it’s inspiring because lahat tayo nagbabago hindi lang sa panlabas na anyo kundi with our responsibilities and the way we look at life,” expressed Pressman.

“And as long as you surround yourself with positivity and people who want to make you be better, you will find it easier to open up and then pinpoint those things that you think you weren’t good enough at, then work on them. Just know that there is always hope.”

Soberano, on the other hand, advised people her age, “The most important thing now, I believe, is to keep yourself busy. That’s personally what I’m trying to do. I went back to school and I’m pursuing Psychology.

“It’s really important to keep ourselves busy and at the same time take good care of our mental health because we can all be so worried at this time,” she added.

“I know it can be lonely at home for a lot of people who don’t have anyone they’re living with. So we should also remember to reconnect with people that we haven’t had the opportunity to talk to because of this pandemic, because you never know if somebody is facing some challenges as well,” Soberano ended.