When days are dark and uncertain, we, as human beings, have the tendency to hide in our dark days. We forget about looking our best and shy away from allowing our inner beauty to shine. However, Strokes Beauty Lab Momoi Supe believes in doing just the opposite especially with the current status of the world.

Momoi Supe is dubbed as the ‘eyebrow and lash lift king in the country.’

“Taking care of one’s self is an essential now more than ever because of what’s going on in the world! With everything that has gone and is going wrong, we have to focus on every facet of our lives that we can do and set right, and no one knows how to take care of ourselves better than our own selves,” he expressed.

“So, let’s focus on ourselves whenever we can, in order to feel like we still have control over what happens in our lives despite the number of things that have gone off-track because of this pandemic.”

Momoi aims to empower women not just in the Philippines, but from all over the globe with Strokes Beauty Lab and its debut global cosmetics line that “promises everyday confidence in the new era of beauty.”

A long-time purveyor of everything beautiful, Momoi is an interior designer turned award-winning make-up artist and now one of the most famous brow sculpting experts in the country. Graduating Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Interior Design, Momoi immediately applied his skills there before a shift led him to the beauty industry.

“Back in 2014, my mother suffered a stroke, and in order to sustain her medical needs, I accepted an interior design job offer in Dubai. I came back to the Philippines after eight months to start from scratch. I looked for interior designing projects while doing makeup services on the side,” he recalled.

“One day, while I was waiting for projects, I accompanied a friend to an eyebrow studio, saw that the line of waiting customers seemed to go on for days, that’s where I got the idea to build my own.”

He then continues, “The down payment I got for the first interior design project I booked, I used to enroll in 3D eyebrow tattoo training in Singapore with my business partner, Keighty Wong. After that, I decided — completely out of the blue — to post my tattoo work on Facebook, which my clients and friends saw.

“Soon after, they booked my services. At first, I had three clients a week, and that number eventually grew until my eye studio company became what it is today. As a matter of fact, I had to quit my interior design job because I was, very fortunately, fully loaded with bookings. Looking back on all of this, it truly feels like my transition from the interior designing field to the beauty industry was not a choice, but destiny’s work.”

Since then Momoi has been recognized as the “eyebrow and lash lift king in the country” since he developed KeraLift, the first and only lash treatment in the Philippines approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

He takes all of this experience into Strokes Beauty Lab. When what inspired it, he notes, “I was inspired by the Japanese art of precision that I carried on to my eye studio services and now, to Strokes Beauty Lab in the form of beauty products.

“I wanted to make the art of microblading and eyebrow permanent makeup available to the world by creating its product counterpart of the highest quality marketed at the best price, and I envisioned having a global impact because our products can compete on a global scale.

“Our products are calibrated to exceed international market standards, so we made sure that people from all over the world will get to experience that level of makeup artistry in their everyday lives to unleash their everyday confidence.”

Launching this during what is defined as the new normal was of course made possible by technology. “The conceptualization for the whole creative work and campaign that was shot in New York were done through seemingly endless hours of Zoom meetings, an unavoidable measure that we had to undertake in the midst of a global pandemic. Despite this certain limitation, however, it proved that having a solid vision for the brand even before its launch is essential in bringing it to life.”

Momoi also shares where the inspiration to launch during this time in history stemmed from. “The new normal requires us all to wear masks and face shields all the time for reasons that are as necessary as it is obvious. It’s a tough time we’re all in right now and should there be an opportunity to make us feel just a little bit better, I believe we should take it.

“Feeling beautiful is one of the many ways we can feel better, and for now, since most of our faces are covered, we’ve got to let our eye beauty do all the talking!”

He adds, “The Brow Artist Collection can do just that, by helping you perfectly frame your semi-hidden face through on-fleek eyebrow excellence. It’s the perfect remedy for beauty enthusiasts like me, and for the everyday man and woman who has Zoom meetings to go to and still want to look presentable and fabulous without having to do much.”

Momoi also believes in what makes Strokes Beauty Lab different from the rest “is how technical our approach was when we were creating the products. The owners of the brand are experienced makeup artists, and I believe this gives us a deeper understanding of eyebrow structure and makeup. We knew what we wanted, what we had to avoid, and the overall quality we were after.

“Most importantly, after working on over 30,000 brows over the past years, we felt that if there was something we can bring to the world, it was our brand’s brow artistry and expertise.”

And with that, Momoi and team spreads light and beauty during the days when we need it the most.

To know more about Momoi and Strokes Beauty Lab, you may visit their Instagram page @strokesbeautylab.