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Meet the vibrant newbie artist Christi Fider


It should not come as a surprise if aspiring singer Christi Fider became enamored with singing. As a kid, she was exposed to different sounds and music. The early exposure to music made Christi realize that she is gifted with a good singing voice. When she’s taking a shower, Christi sings pop songs. But she also likes Broadway tunes.

Christy Fider’s song ‘Teka, Teka, Teka’ became a hit in TikTok.

“It depends on my mood. Sometimes I have the mood to like indie musicians, the type that ordinary people would not care to listen too, or something they are not familiar with. My music range is very wide. For now, I have a bit of struggle on what genre to specialize since it is dependent on my mood. If the song resonates with me, or I like the artists singing it, I’d probably sing it too,” said the newbie singer.


She loves the voice of Christina Aguilera which she thinks is Aguilera’s strength. She also loves Britney Spears, the way she moves and carries herself. As a kid, she was partial to Sarah Geronimo. Now, she listens to Marion Aunor and Moira dela Torre.

“I really love the songs written by direk Joven Tan. I know that am quite biased if he’s the composer of a song. The song has a good meaning, and good lyrics as well. What I noticed about today’s songs, they are not lyrics-focused. Sometimes they give more emphasis to the sound. With the song ‘Teka, Teka Teka,’ I felt that many people can relate to it,” she shared.

“Since it’s my debut single, I want something that pleasant to listen too because people today are lonely. If they listen to ‘Teka, Teka, Teka‘ it will give hope and bring joy to other people.”

When asked what she feels that people are using the song as their TikTok anthem of choice, she enthused, “I am glad that even if the song has yet to be released, some people already used it for TikTok. Zeus Collins was the first one who made a TikTok for it. Of course, I was surprised when he used it because he is known for dancing. I didn’t imagine that ‘Teka Teka‘ is can be used to dance too. I was surprised when Zeus even choreographed a dance for ‘Teka, Teka, Teka‘ and the people followed it.”

“Zeus set a standard and people followed it. I was likewise surprised with the people’s response to the song. They found the song danceable, uplifting and gives a happy vibe and energy. The bubbly pop version suits my personality. In Spotify, my song has electronic kind of mix. But many listeners were able to relate to the pop version,” explained Christi.

Furthermore, Christi shared she wanted fellow millennials to see her as a vibrant and bubbly artist, “I want to bring back the danceable tunes. I want to give the beat and groove back to the people. That is something that everyone needs right. Times are hard and I hope that thru my song, I can help relieve the stress of others. Let us bring back the good times.”


 Singer-actress Mitch Valdes is having a show with Mel Villena, her favorite musical director titled Mitch & Mel Online “Ohayo” which will be streamed starting October 24 in various places around the world. Tickets priced at P600 are now available at ticketworld.com.ph.

In an email interview, Mitch said they are going to experiment if they can successfully mount their collaboration of live shows into the online format with zoom. “There will be songs and comedy sketches in story-telling mode. If it succeeds, then us lockdown performers can have a venue to do our live gigs,” said Mitch.

It was Mitch who conceptualized the show.

“During early quarantine when all performers did not have an audience to perform to, I was watching the late night talk show hosts on US TV try to put back their act online. Sometimes it didn’t work because comedy always needs an audience to bounce against,” she explained.

“But I thought Mel and I can do that because I can sing in between the stories I’ll be telling. So it’s not dependent only on punchlines. And so Mitch and Mel Online will be offered to online Filipinos even abroad. But then again we will not know until the pilot how audience will like it coz zoom is a very different medium from live shows. Hope they like it.”

When asked if they will touch the issue of pandemic on the show, she replied, “Yes of course. It will also touch on how we are all trying to adjust to this seven months of uncertainty.

“Like everyone else it was insanity the first few months not knowing what to do with the rest of our lives. So I kept saying hang on hang on this will end. It hasn’t ha ha so I said enough is enough. So I said Mel let’s go back to work.”


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