Wednesday, November 25, 2020

PCCI seeks establishment of EdCom 4.0


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The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) is pushing for the creation of a congressional commission in education (EdCom) to review, assess and evaluate formal, nonformal, informal and alternative learning systems, including continuing systems of education at all levels.

In a statement on Friday, the PCCI said the business sector was “very concerned” about the alignment and harmony of the tri-focalized system of education in the country.

The “PCCI understands that the current situation has been very challenging to the educational system, learning institutions, teachers, learners and even families,” it said, but pointed out that reassuring statements of the educational agencies of the government did not seem to resonate with the learning experiences across sectors.

While the sector recognized the limitations, the learning outcomes and the competencies of learners become a primary concern, considering that the world of work is the end-in-mind of education, according to the organization.

Education is crucial to development, and the growing challenges and changing demands of Industry 4.0 have complicated the need for the sector to proactively respond, it said.

“The PCCI, therefore, is pushing for the creation of EdCom 4.0 and supports the Senate Joint Resolution No. 10 of January 2020 [that called] for the New Congressional Commission on Education,” it added.

It stressed that while the 1990 joint resolution that created the EdCom gave vital recommendations that led to major educational reforms, there were important EdCom proposals that did not materialize to effect change in the educational system.

“Even prior to the pandemic, there were many indicators that necessitates more educational reforms,” the PCCI said. One of which, it added, are the results of the Program for International Students Assessment, which showed that the Philippines ranked last in mathematics and second to the last in science among the 79 countries that participated.

The business chamber also said the government should be agile and proactive in its optimal response to ensure effective learning in the new normal.

It added that the business, economic and industry sectors must be involved in reviewing and evaluating educational systems, and educational policy development, to ensure that the gap between the learning outcomes of education and the required competencies of the world of work was reduced.

The PCCI also expressed concern over the Professional Regulation Commission’s (PRC) cancellation of almost all board licensure examinations, including those for physicians and nurses, due to the lack of these professionals.

“The PCCI enjoins the PRC to explore the possibilities of conducting these licensure examinations to enable the disenfranchised aspiring professionals to be qualified and join the productive workforce, and to avoid a scarcity in human resource supply,” it said.



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