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Love and family for health and well-being


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With a swift growth on social media and backed by celebrity clients such as Anne Curtis and Sarah Lahbati, a company is built on positive values to bring love — from the company itself, to how they treat their employees, and to the families they care for — every step of the way.

With services like the kiddie massage, Massage MNL promotes family bonding, health, and well-being.

Massage MNL is a family-centered, online-based, and mobile wellness spa offering unique and premium wellness treatments at reasonable prices. It is their main mission to provide these treatments to make family care a fun and relaxing bonding experience. And aside from maintaining a successful business, the company also supports a growing lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing.

Under the new normal, both clients and therapists are required to undergo safety precautions such as the wearing of face masks.

Founded by Janine Khazaie or Mommy Janine to her online audience, she was already in the online business industry and was experiencing its benefits. In spite of her financial and material stability, she was constantly working with a very busy schedule and had little time to spend with her friends and family.

“When [my husband] Bobby and I knew we were going to have a baby, I told myself that I have to do better,” she recalled.


“I was fortunate enough to have a normal pregnancy. Everything was smooth sailing for us, until our little angel decided to rush his arrival earlier than expected. Having a preterm baby wasn’t easy. In fact, baby Ethan’s ordeal imposed a heavy financial burden on us,” Khazaie said. “To keep him alive, Bobby had to double up his workload while I had to work overtime to make ends meet.”

The Care Package Donation Drive dedicated for babies in the Neo-natal Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU and in less fortunate areas.

Looking back, Khazaie is very blessed and is still very thankful to have a compassionate and supportive friends and family who helped them through those difficult times.

“When the doctors gave us the go-signal to take our baby Ethan home, we just wanted to spend all our time looking after him. We were so grateful God provided him another chance at life. Every second became more and more meaningful together. We stopped treating our family time as a luxury and started making it a priority.”

This value of family was what Massage MNL was built on. Believing that regardless of the any circumstances, people should have the right to spend quality time with their family in the best ways they can.

“We want to provide our clients with the five-star experience at affordable prices because we believe that being taken cared of is a necessity for all,” the mompreneur continued.

Massage MNL offers two categories of services. Specialized services are the prenatal, postnatal, lactation, signature, sports, lymphatic drainage, kiddie and baby massages. On the other hand, Premium services are Swedish, deep tissue, foot reflex, hot stone and Ventosa massages.

Focusing on family, the services aim in helping them enjoy their time together while taking care of each other’s well-being and happiness. Special care and attention is given to pregnant women, to aid them during their most delicate times.

The family love aspect continues with their employees, specifically with treating their therapists with the utmost respect and admiration for their work. As part of the company, the management helps them reach their personal goals with good compensation, employment benefits, and providing platforms where they can improve their practice and learn new skills.

Adapting to the new normal

With their new normal guidelines, clients can have that peace of mind as all of their therapists are Covid-19 free.

 To prevent further spread of virus, therapists arrive at the location with a medical certificate and in full personal protective equipment or PPE. Clients, meanwhile, must fill out a health declaration form.

Therapists fully sanitize and regularly change for a fresh set of clothes before the service. Clients will provide their own clean towels/linens, and only the client and therapist will be in the room.

Therapists wear a mask and face shield during the entire service, while the client must wear a mask when facing the therapist.


 Their first effort during this pandemic period is called Riders at Your Service, created during the first week of lockdown which was initially made for the riders and therapists to still be able to earn income. In just two weeks, however, it has grown into a community with an online group garnering more than 8,000 members.

With this initiative, Massage MNL does not make money out of it, but it is pure help for the community. They only ask for P50 from the rider per service, to fund relief goods for therapists who are not partnered or represented by a rider.

Another effort was the Care Package Donation Drive, which is dedicated for babies in the Neo-natal Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU, as well as newborns in less fortunate areas.

“I personally want to focus on this demographic because I am a mother too. I can really empathize with them most especially since I am a NICU mom myself,” explained Khazaie.

This donation drive focused on providing care packages and P1,000 in cash. The goal was to hit P150,000 to reach 100 babies. The goal was reached in less than two weeks, even exceeding to P152,000 cash and in-kind donations.




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