Sunday, January 17, 2021

New SRP set on basic agricultural goods


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THE Department of Agriculture (DA) issued a new set of suggested retail prices (SRP) for basic agricultural commodities sold in Metro Manila’s wet markets to ensure that consumers are protected from profiteering amid the pandemic and following the recent typhoons.

William Dar

Agriculture Secretary William Dar signed DA Administrative Circular (AC) 17 titled “Suggested Retail Price for Basic Necessities in Wet Markets in NCR,” which will guide retailers and consumers amid a Luzon-wide price freeze.

AC 17 excluded supermarkets, as changing cost structures in the supply chain require updating to allow retailers to realize reasonable profit, DA said. It revokes other previous orders (ACs 16, 14 and 11) and will remain in effect for two months or until a new AC on the same matter is issued, the agency added.

The new set of SRP covers rice, livestock and poultry, fish, lowland and highland vegetables, fruits, spices, and other basic items.

For local rice: special, P50 per kilo; premium, P45 per kilo; and well-milled, P40 per kilo.
For imported varieties: special, P52 per kilo; premium, P45 per kilo; and well-milled, P36 per kilo.

Under livestock and poultry products, beef rump should be sold at P380 per kilo, brisket at P300 per kilo, pork pigue/kasim at P260 per kilo, liempo at P290 per kilo, whole chicken at P140 per kilo, and chicken egg (medium) at P6.50 each.

For fish, milkfish (bangus), P160 per kilo; tilapia, P120 per kilo; imported round scad (galunggong), P140 per kilo; alumahan, P250 per kilo.

Also included in the new SRP list are lowland and highland vegetables: ampalaya, P120 per kilo; sitaw, P100 per kilo; pechay (native), P80 per kilo; squash, P30 per kilo; eggplant, P100 per kilo; tomato, P100 per kilo; cabbage (Scorpio), P70 per kilo; carrots, P80 per kilo; habitchuelas (Baguio beans), P130 per kilo; white potato, P70 per kilo; pechay (Baguio), P80 per kilo; and chayote, P40 per kilo.

SRP for fruits, meanwhile, include: calamansi for P50 per kilo; banana: lakatan for P90 per kilo and latundan for P70 per kilo; papaya for P60 per kilo; and mango (carabao) for P150 per kilo.

For spices, red onion local, P160 per kilo; imported, P120 per kilo; white onion (imported), P100 per kilo; garlic, P90 per kilo; and ginger, P160 per kilo.

Other basic items should also be sold within the SRP namely, sugar: refined, P50 per kilo; ashed, P45 per kilo; brown, P45 per kilo; and cooking oil (palm), P25 per 350 ml and P50 per 1 liter.

With SRP in place, retailers may only go up by a maximum of 10 percent from the suggested prices of the commodities.

Violators of the new SRP order could be fined between P5,000 and P2 million and face imprisonment between five and 15 years.



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