Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Educator stresses significance of Mathematics in a student’s life


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A female teacher who is an experienced and expert in teaching Mathematics — a learning area which incidentally is not the favorite of many elementary and secondary school children — has noted that the subject almost always “affects all aspects of human life at different [stages and] degree.”

Educator Cherlita Guimalan stressed that the significance of Mathematics, which is utilized throughout people’s daily lives, is no longer new. Unfortunately, however, she said that “what remains is the fact that students’ achievement in Mathematics has not significantly improved despite its importance and not even with the introduction and use of technology in Mathematics.”

Mathematics competence is claimed to be on par with clear thinking and the ability to solve problems. PIXABAY FREE PHOTO

She claimed that among rich and developing countries, “educational resources, class size, salaries of teachers, and equipment are associated with school children’s outputs,” adding that money alone may not be the only solution.

“The more equitable and adequate allocation of financial inputs to schooling does provide opportunities for improving the equity and adequacy of outcomes,” she said.

She quoted Wenglinsky, a prominent American academic official, who said, “Economic resources that are spent sensibly are always connected with academic performance,” further emphasizing that “each pupil expenditures on both instruction and administration of the school are positively linked to class size which in turn affects student achievement.”


Guimalan pointed out that the significance of Mathematics is on the future employment of the learner because the subject is a filter or hurdle. possibly more than any other topic.

She claimed that, in a changing world, “those who can understand and do Mathematics significantly enhance the opportunities and options for shaping their future because Mathematics competence opens doors to a productive future.”

The expert Mathematics pedagogue maintains that a lack of Mathematical competence keeps doors closed since it is a filter as “it is claimed to be on par with clear thinking and the ability to solve problems; thus, it is essential that all school children should have the opportunity and the support necessary to learn significant Mathematics with depth and understanding.”

Guimalan observed that despite efforts of mentors, administrators, mathematicians and policymakers, the portrayal of Mathematics teaching and learning as evidenced from a variety of sources makes it clear that many students are not learning Mathematics they need or are expected to learn.

She concluded that the rationale for this deficiency varies, such as students have not had the chance to learn Mathematics; the curriculum offered to students does not engage them; students sometimes lack the commitment to learning, and the quality of mathematical teaching is highly variable.



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