For Arianne Amante, creating Clocheflame (pronounced as “klosh-flame”) was very much an internal journey as much as it was an external one. A cosmetics line that aims to make you “look good as you feel and feel as good as you look,” it was inspired by Arianne’s own experiences.

Arianne Amante looked back on her own experiences during the process of creating her makeup line.

With a determination to start her own makeup line, Arianne stepped out of her comfort zone, moved to New York City and took a summer course on Design and Management at Parsons.

Upon her return to Manila, Arianne worked in a managerial position for a jewelry company. “It didn’t last long, I only stayed there for five months and was ready to move on to the next one. Then the pandemic happened, and all my plans changed.”

Two months into lockdown, Arianne finally pursued her dream of starting a small makeup company. She recalled, “It was especially hard not only because we were on lockdown, but also because I am literally a nobody in the industry, plus the fact that I am very young.”

Created with so much love like other makeup brands, what differentiates this is the journey to becoming what it is now.

Even its name was rooted in Arianne’s own story, one that started when she was 15 years old. “Clocheflame started as my pseudonym when I wrote poetry for our school’s publication. Inspired by my first name [Isabella], cloche is the bell-shaped jar one uses to cover food and candles, while my last name, Amante means love in Spanish. So Clocheflame combines love, spark, and flame.”

She continued, “It was born when I was 15 and didn’t love myself enough. I had to hide who I really am — the girl behind the pseudonym. Now, I believe the stars were aligned because as a beauty brand, it no longer serves to cover or hide anything but rather embrace oneself, to protect the spark, and that flame you have within.

“Growing up in a country that is so obsessed with western beauty ideals wasn’t easy, but when I became aware of what I can do to change the narrative, I really immersed myself in it. I studied about it: colorist, racism, you name it. It was also my college thesis topic,” Arianne related.

“Clocheflame was my awakening. From being that insecure teenager to being the strong, independent, confident-in-her-own skin woman that I am now. It was my safe space and I hope it becomes the same for every young girl who enters the world of Clocheflame. Clocheflame cares about both your inner and outer being — you do you, you do what makes you feel good, and realize that everything else is just noise,” Arianne explained.

Despite the uncertainty, Arianne persisted, and finally launched Clocheflame in January to raving reviews. And for Arianne, this is a huge accomplishment especially since it’s a Filipina brand created for the modern-day Filipina.

“It’s perfect for Filipinas because first of all, it was founded by a Filipina who basically looked very much like one and was teased for it.

“The ads that I saw growing up only catered to mestizas so now that I have my own brand, my small team and I would always ask ourselves, ‘is this going to look good on us? Is this something that will complement morenas? Chinitas? I want to do all that I can to create beauty products that will really make everyone proud of their own skin.”

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