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Time to revisit flawed PCR test and phenomenon of false positives


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First word
REACTING to my column on the Echo Times report on the Sinovac vaccinations (“Shocking report on Sinovac vaccinations… ,” The Manila Times, April 6, 2021), reader Dale Thompson wrote me on April 6 to say that Beijing’s Vaccine Prevention Center had posted a guideline for Sinovac vacccinations that enumerated the kind of persons who should not be vaccinated with Sinovac.

I want to publish his letter today because it should be read in tandem with my column on the Echo Times report.

Thompson’s email with the heading, “Reposting China’s guidelines for Sinovac vaccination”:

“These guidelines were set by Beijing’s Vaccine Prevention Center before taking any vaccine, whether for your own sake or for your family’s. It listed down the requirements/bans for vaccination:

“1. Those with malignant tumor are not fit to inoculate/vaccinate.

“2. Those people taking maintenance pills for high blood pressure and diabetes are not fit to vaccinate.


“3. Those who qualify for mental health like depression are not suitable to vaccinate.

“4. Those with hereditary diseases like albinism are not suitable to vaccinate.

“5. Those with unstable cardiovascular diseases are not suitable to vaccinate.

“6. Those who underwent operation such as coronary bypass are not fit to vaccinate.

“7. Those recovering from major surgery are not fit to inoculate.

“8. Those who use blood products and immuno-suppressive drugs within the last three months are not suitable to vaccinate.

“9. Those taking Euthyrox are not suitable to inoculate.

“10. Pregnant women in their first to third trimester are not fit to vaccinate.

“11. Those taking long-term immuno-suppressive drugs are not fit to vaccinate.

“12. Those who suffer from moderate-to-severe anemia should not be inoculated.

“13. Those taking antiviral and antibiotics drugs within three months time can be vaccinated after one to two weeks once the drugs stop and no symptoms persist.

“14. Those with hepatitis B and Helicobacter pylori infection can’t be vaccinated.

“15. Those people with stable high blood pressure of 140/90 below can be vaccinated.

“16. Those with root origin from flu prevention are prohibited to inoculate.

“17. Those people vaccinated with flu virus can be inoculated after quarantine of 9 to 14 days.”

As can be seen, the precautions cover a lot of people. Our health authorities rolled out our vaccination program starring Sinovac, in apparent ignorance of the Beijing guidelines.

Pandemic would end tomorrow if…
I want to return to an issue that has been a recurring subject of this column during the past year: the PCR test for Covid and the problem of false positives.

The issue is rife today in the British press because of the recent alarm in the UK about a spike in new infections. It is contended by some sectors of the UK press that the pandemic could end in a hurry if the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is dropped.

Notable among the papers floating this line is the London-based Daily Exposé blog, which ran the following headline this April: “Pandemic would end tomorrow if they stopped using the PCR test.”

Its report read:
“Try to imagine it is the year 2019 again. Just for a second. You’re in the pub, or on holiday in the sun, having a laugh with family or friends. One of your friends says to you, ‘By the end of next year it will be illegal to leave your home unless it is to work, shop for essentials or seek medical care. The pubs and restaurants will be closed, you’ll have to legally wear a mask when you go shopping and remain socially distant from everyone around you.’ You’d have probably told them to go and seek medical help for their mental health? But that is exactly what happened.

“The problem now though is that after almost a full year of ‘staying at home,’ not going to the pub, and wearing a mask or being surrounded by mask wearers the roles have reversed. Now if you were to say ‘This is tyranny, it should be legal to leave your home when you wish, the pubs and restaurants should open up or they’ll cease to exist, and we shouldn’t be wearing masks as they do not serve the purpose the authorities claim they serve and asymptomatic spread is not a thing,’ you would be labeled as a ‘Covidiot’ and told to seek medical help for your mental health for even daring to question the official narrative.

“All of this of course has supposedly happened in the name of an alleged pandemic of Covid-19, but the question we’re asking today is, would you even know there was a pandemic if they stopped using the controversial PCR test?

“Many people have probably forgotten that the UK was put into lockdown and people were told to stay at home on the assumption that they had Covid. They were not being tested. So if you had a cough, or a temperature, symptoms consistent with pretty much all respiratory diseases that have ever existed, you were told to assume it was Covid and stay at home. Peoples’ freedoms were stolen, and livelihoods ruined on an assumption. Fast forward to January 2021 and we have been told by authorities to ‘assume we have Covid’ even if there is nothing wrong with us. They are essentially telling us to be mentally ill. Pretending to be ill and assume the role of a sick person is called Munchausen’s syndrome and it a psychological disorder.

“Eventually though, they did start testing people, even going as far as to advertise for people to be tested. Would they really have to advertise if there was a deadly pandemic? The test of choice being the PCR test. In 1985, Kary Mullis invented the process known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), in which a small amount of DNA can be copied in large quantities over a short period of time. By applying heat, the DNA molecule’s two strands are separated and the DNA building blocks that have been added are bonded to each strand. With the help of the enzyme DNA polymerase, new DNA chains are formed and the process can then be repeated. Kary Mullis won a Nobel prize for his invention. But Kary Mullis also said the following —

“‘PCR is a process used to make a whole lot of something out of something, it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with is going to hurt you.’

“In essence what he said was that if you look hard enough with PCR you can find anything, as all molecules can be found in anything and everything.

“PCR tests look for genetic matter from the new coronavirus using amplification cycles. However, the number of amplification cycles that was needed to detect genetic matter from the virus, which is referred to as the cycle threshold, typically isn’t included in test results sent to doctors and patients. Many coronavirus tests have fairly high cycle thresholds, with most set at 40 and some set at 37. That means a number of patients who aren’t carrying much of the new coronavirus are still testing positive, even though they may not be contagious.

“Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California-Riverside, said she believes any test with a cycle threshold over 35 is too sensitive. ‘I’m shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive.’

“James Bethell, one of England’s health ministers, stated that ‘swab testing people with no symptoms is not an accurate way of screening the general population, as there is a real risk of giving false reassurance.’ He added, ‘Widespread asymptomatic testing could undermine the value of testing, as there is a risk of giving misleading results. Rather, only people with covid-19 symptoms should get tested.’

“Here in lies the problem. People with no symptoms are being tested, and the tests are being carried out at high cycles where it is essentially possible to find anything you want to find, according to the inventor of the test, Kary Mullis. So there can be no doubt we’re seeing a humongous amount of false positives, but these false positives lead to people and their contacts having to stay at home, in isolation for two weeks. But what’s worse than that is the false positives are being used to create the illusion of a problem that most likely isn’t even there, and are used to justify a dictatorial, authoritarian regime.

“Ask yourself, how many people do you know who have had Covid-19? Were they seriously ill? Did they die? Or was it just another case of the seasonal sniffles? Talk to some people and it’s as if a cough and temperature are a new invention of 2020. But we have to remember they are not, no doubt everybody has suffered from a cough or temperature at some point in their life, and yes some people may get seriously ill from an illness or even die, but that has always happened, it is also not a new invention, it is just a fact of life.

“There would be no illusion of a pandemic if they stopped using the PCR test.”

PCR test and false positives
In October last year, I published a two-part series on the issue of the PCR test and the false positive phenomenon.

In the second part of the series, I wrote about of the work of Dr, Michael Yeadon, who first broke the news about false positives. He was chief science officer for 16 years of Pfizer and is co-founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd.

In his article, “The deadly danger of false positives,” Dr. Yeadon presented three conclusions:

1. We are closer now to the end of the pandemic than to its middle.

2. Ninety percent of PCR tests in the United Kingdom are false positives.

3. The PCR test is fundamentally flawed and should no longer be used.

I wrote this comment: “If Dr. Yeadon is correct, we in the Philippines must also review our Covid-19 testing system. Our count and classification of cases may be similarly flawed and doubtful. And the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, or IATF-EID, may be making decisions based on erroneous information.”

Ninety percent of PCR tests were false positives in the UK. The Department of Health and our testing czar could not find one false positive in the Philippines.



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