If there’s one thing the pandemic has made everybody realize, it is the importance of spending money not only on basic necessities, but also on things that will help someone prepare for emergencies and the future.

The ‘Ito ang Araw Mo’ campaign is inspired by the younger generation who are building their career, growing their wealth, and finding self-enrichment despite the challenges.

Sun Life Chief Marketing and Client Experience Officer Gilbert Simpao related, “The pandemic last year has really been a wakeup call to many of us. We’ve known friends whose businesses have closed down, whose jobs and health were affected. And if there’s anything that this pandemic has taught us is really not take things for granted, anything can happen.

“But at the same time, we don’t want negativity to get the best of us. We want to be able to spark optimism and enable action on things we can control — decisions we can make that can help us navigate through the worst and also the best of times.”

With this in mind, Sun Life Financial launched the Ito Ang Araw Mo campaign to spark optimism among Filipinos and inspire them to take charge of their future today.

This campaign was made especially for the millennials and Generation Z, who the company learned is underinsured as compared to older generations. Their research showed that the youth are more likely to spend on material objects and experiences, rather than saving or investing this money for the future’s unexpected events, emergencies, and funding life goals such as buying a home.

The campaign is likewise inspired by the pursuits of the millennials who are keen on building their career, growing their wealth, and finding self-enrichment amid the pandemic. And since financial resources are most likely needed to achieve dreams, Sun Life wants to be a partner to help Filipinos create their own future, gain financial security, and lead healthier lives.

“We want to inspire people and say that this is your day — there is no better day to take charge of your future than today, but at the same time, this is your time to shine. Whatever your dreams are, you can achieve it. You just need to get down and start it now because ito ang araw mo,” the executive said.

The campaign was opened with a relatable video highlighting the experiences of today’s generation, such as graduating in a virtual ceremony, exploring gaming as a career, pursuing online entrepreneurship, and starting a new family.

In addition, the team encourages millennials to take this time to understand their needs and wants. Those ready to craft their financial plans and be experts in handling their money are encouraged to seek the help of a Sun Life advisor — 70 percent of which are millennials and younger — who can help them create a financial roadmap that matches their needs and will put them in a better position to make their plans a reality.

Finally, to continue the conversation, the company has a growing Facebook community with discussions about self-improvement, relationships, and personal finance through mini mentorship programs, weekly challenges, and exclusive promos.