THE Department of Education (DepEd) on Friday said they will soon announce the start of school year 2021-2022 as they clarified the August 23 opening is just a proposal of the agency to address learning gaps.

In an official statement, DepEd said the final decision on class opening still rests with President Rodrigo Duterte but the class opening should not be beyond August.

“The August 23 start date proposal is only one of the options since DepEd is mandated to open the school year not later than the last day of August unless the President intervenes,” the agency said.

DepEd said several proposals will be sent to the president.

“We are still conducting policy consultation and review with concerned stakeholders to determine the most appropriate course of action on this matter,” the agency explained.

“We shall issue the official guidelines for the school year 2021-2022 calendar soon,” DepEd added.

If the August 23 proposal pushes through, students would have less than six weeks of summer break after July 10, the last day of the current school year.