Accurate thermal imaging screening plays a big role in preventing the spread of Covid-19 by detecting people with high temperature, one of the key symptoms of the disease.

According to the World Health Organization, fever is one of the most common symptoms of Covid-19 and accurate temperature screening in establishments is necessary as an additional safety measure.

The use of thermal image screening solutions will also empower establishments to apply interventions to everyone who experience fever-grade body temperatures as opposed to the regular “thermometer gun,” which has proven to be an ineffective defense mechanism.

According to Estehpany Ledesma, spokesman for Ligtas Tayo Pinas, thermal image screening solutions will complement the health and safety protocol of the national government and offer another layer of protection for communities.

“As the economy is required to open up slowly, establishments must assure their guests they are a safe place to visit. Thermal image screening solutions are not made equal, so an investment in hospital-grade devices can give peace of mind to customers and potentially slow down the spread of the virus” Ledesma said.

The device, made in Singapore, is a predictive mass thermal image screening solution that provides fast, reliable and accurate readings for high traffic areas, such as malls, offices, hotels and other establishments.

When someone enters the establishment with high temperature, an audio or visual alarm is triggered when higher-than-normal temperature is detected.

The device can scan up to 60 individuals per minute and operators can scan multiple individuals simultaneously in a controlled single-line entrance, which allows for physical distancing.

Ledesma hopes with this device, the country will have a bigger chance of controlling the pandemic as long as everyone continues to observe health protocols.

“We all must do our share by ensuring we wash our hands, wear masks and practice social distancing,” Ledesma added.