The entrepreneur (front row, second from left) wiith his weekend football team mates. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

The company won the People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Health and Wellness Business Opportunity, while Ronald won a Dangal ng Bayan Award for Outstanding Young Entrepreneur.

“My father-in-law started with a vision, which he elicited with the help of my wife and myself,” Ronald says. “You can say he’s the big-picture guy. My wife, on the other hand, specializes in sales and marketing, while I specialize in procurement and operations.”

MLMs admittedly have a less-than-sterling reputation in the country. People shrink away from those making even the slightest overtures for fear of being offered a product. Ronald explains how they broke away from such notions. “Mr. Nelson Torres has always maintained that MLM is a business whose main objective is to sell goods or services. Recruitment is and should always only be secondary. He constantly reminds us to avoid overpromising, something that has been in the industry lately. We push for sustainable and ethical business practices and rely on three components of business success.

“First, good quality and affordable products. Our flagship product Berry Barley received the 2021 Top Brand Asia Award for Outstanding Herbal Juice Drink. Two, efficient service to our enterprisers. We have invested in our IT systems, so that they can transact 24/7 online, eliminating the need to frequent the office, which takes time away from their sales activities. The last, most important component is relationship: MLM, and any business or industry that deals with sales is a relationship business. It’s all about your customers trusting you. Consumers will only buy from people, companies or brands they trust.

“In Pro-Fit, we do our best to maintain our good relationship among management, employees, enterprisers and customers.”

While many businesses have gone under, Pro-Fit continues to thrive. They launched right in the middle of the pandemic in September of last year, when Ronald’s first child Isaac was born. “My wife and I would joke that our son and the company are our twin babies,” he says. “Our company is doing well, all things considered. We’re mostly online, and we have partnerships with multiple logistics providers. Berry Barley moves easily, as it not only helps boost the immune system, but is also delicious and among the most affordable in the market.”

Ronald also places value on their ability to provide a source of income to those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic: “We believe that this time is our company’s incubation period and when it matures, the pandemic will have already died down.”

The new father admits he is something of a workaholic and so used to have a hard time balancing work and personal life. He reveals: “My wife helped ground me. She insisted that non-office hours be devoted to family time.” He also relates that although Nica and Isaac are his reason for getting out of bed every day, his extended family and the people at the company are also family to him. “We are invested in their development and in how they achieve their goals and dreams,” he declares.

Together, he and Nica try out various sports, whenever possible. “Of course, I still love football. But we also play badminton, basketball and we do a little bit of swimming. Also I have this weird hobby, but I enjoy doing electrical work,” he adds.

The future looks bright for this dedicated 31-year-old, who sees himself playing an active role in the company, which he hopes to see grow into a powerhouse in the industry

As he says: “We can only go up from here.”



My parents Jaime and Conchita because since I was a kid, I was inspired by their hard work and sacrifices for us.


I really want a big family — maybe three to four kids.


I was an assistant football coach in my high school. I taught football to kids.


I take care of my son, so my wife can get some sleep before I leave for the office.


Electrical works. A little known fact is that I did most of the wiring in our corporate office


Almost none. I just post a photo or video of our son every now and then.