In the spirit of keeping ballet alive, Ballet Philippines (BP) is excited to announce their 52nd season.

Although done online, the group aims to align creativity with technology yet again as this year's theme is an homage to Philippine culture. Moreover, it pays tribute to Mother Earth through classical and contemporary dance.

To be conducted through BP OnStream or, the new season is a testament to the resiliency of Filipino artists. For one, the website was designed to bring ballet and the arts to their audience's homes.

"Having adapted and integrated BP well to survive the lockdowns, closed stage, and banned live shows makes me very proud of the dancers and executive staff who have demonstrated such awesome talents and fortitude," BP President Kathleen Liechtenstein shared.

Liechtenstein officially turned over the 51st Season by announcing the last two productions of the season: "Dystopian Body" and "Diyosa."

Exploring the dystopian dance form to stage "Dystopian Body" is a performance that is concerned with a place where the body evolved despite an environment that did not provide the most basic needs of its citizens.

Meanwhile, the thought-provoking performance of "Diyosa" takes audiences back to the times when Filipino gods, goddesses and humans lived together in harmony.

With these last two productions, Mercedes Zobel of BP's Board of Trustees announced the official opening of the 52nd Season. Zobel shared her excitement as the company looks forward to more world-class video productions and fresh repertoire.

The new season will bring more world-class training for the dancers through company classes and free masterclasses from legends in the ballet industry.

There is also much anticipation of BP Dance School's school-year 2021 to 2022 opening in June, where the craft will continue to be taught online safely and effectively.

Guest artist and choreographer Joseph Phillips shared that the pandemic has actually allowed artists and BP to focus on classes.

"This leads to improvements in the dancer's technique so that the company will be ready to take on new challenging choreography. We want to give our dancers pieces of choreography that are usually reserved for larger companies," Phillips noted.

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