IF THERE's one thing which has earned my admiration for Kim Chiu, it's her determination to finish her college even if it's way past her age.

The 30-year-old actress rues she barely had time to focus on higher studies. In fairness though, she had been able to send her three siblings through college.

Kim aptly justifies her lack of education with a reason though.

More than ever, the first grand winner of "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition" back in 2006 is set to pursue her college this year amidst these pandemic-wrought times.

That's welcome news for her fans, if not an inspiration to propel the youth then her age to give education a shot no matter what. Since online classes are the in thing these days, Kim doesn't necessarily have to be physically present in her classes. All she has to do is to keep up with the modules and meet the requirements on time.

Thus Kim will be able to squeeze in her showbiz schedule no matter how hectic it becomes. For indeed, for someone her age, it's never too late to obtain a college degree.

I remember our teaching days many years ago when I had a female literature student twice Kim's age. Never mind which year, but it was my first year in teaching in an evening class at a semi-private school in Pasay City.

Already a grandmother, she wasn't ashamed at all of her classmates much younger than her. All she wanted was to get a high school diploma she could be proud of herself.

Once during an exam, I caught the old lady flipping through the pages of a book on which the questions in the written test were based. Quietly, I sauntered toward her seat and politely told her to set her "codigo" aside.

Embarrassed, she did just that while the rest of the class pretended not seeing her.

In fairness, my granny student was a standout during oral recitations. She had a good command of the English language making me doubt if there was a stray teacher in my class.

Came the commencement exercises in March, the old lady was among her batch's proud graduates. But what turned out to be the most touching scene was her grandson's pinning the sampaguita corsage on her chest.

Of course, Kim need not wait until she reaches that age to finish her college. Her marriage to Xian Lim can take a backseat until after her college graduation.

A shining example to the youth? Kim Chiu proves to be just that.


GUESS WHO? Once a TV production staffer asked this young actor (YA) to furnish the program with his picture for its upcoming teaser.

All that the YA needed to do was to simply upload any of his recent photos on his mobile phone and forward it to the one in charge.

Unwittingly while scrolling, the YA had stumbled upon a photo of himself in his naked glory as a number of production people, apparently shocked, stood around him.

The YA's nude photo turned out to be one of his many pictures sent to his Hongkong-based girlfriend with whom he'd also engage in frequent video calls.

Clue: The YA is an alumnus of a popular artista search on TV.