At 36, actress-host Camille Prats appears to be at her strongest physical state. Proudly showing the body she achieved through exercise and proper diet, the mom of three is now an inspiration for other women to commit to a healthier lifestyle every day.

"Apart from taking all the supplements that we need and eating healthy, it's also important to be physically fit and be able to take care of our bodies - reason why I started really focusing and commit to working out," Prats said at her launch as Puritan's Pride ambassador.

"The commitment was really the key to all the transformations that happened to me. Sometimes kasi our workout will depend on our mood - hindi siya priority," she emphasized.

At 36, Camille Prats declares she is at her strongest — thanks to eating right, exercising regularly and taking supplements. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/CAMILLEPRATS
At 36, Camille Prats declares she is at her strongest — thanks to eating right, exercising regularly and taking supplements. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/CAMILLEPRATS

Eventually making exercise a priority, she did with her husband by spending the first 30 to 45 minutes of their mornings working out in their garage. This has been going on for over a year now, with their fitness journey beginning in June 2020.

For Prats, having her husband of four years, businessman VJ Yambao, as workout buddy is also a factor in honoring her commitment.

"I've been working out [pre-pandemic] even when I was pregnant. But I really didn't commit to it at first, like I would do it just so I could say I was able to workout. My husband didn't workout too, believing he's healthy. But when we started losing weight and gaining muscles, we both realized our previous state of health."

But it is not only the dropping number in the scales or the growing muscles on their bodies that made them more motivated to work on themselves.

"The mindset started changing, mas nag focus kami na we really want to be healthy for our kids. We have growing toddlers who are so energetic and so we want to be able to give our all to them and not feel tired after doing it."

Aging is also a motivation for the couple, believe it or not.

"I understand when you are aging, marami nang masakit but we don't want to rely on taking medications for that. Kailangan natin siyang i-improve from the inside, with the help of a lot of supplements that can keep you healthy and give you the energy while you are at it," Prats shared.

Enter her new endorsement with US health supplement brand, Puritan's Pride.

Just like her prior belief that she is healthy to begin with, hence the minimal workout, Prats revealed that prior to pandemic, she also wouldn't subscribe to taking food supplements.

But today, she's gone all out and has a particular supplement for her different needs. She uses Hydrolyzed Collagen, which has helped keep her skin, hair, and nails healthy and Melatonin, which supports restful sleep and helps regulate moods. She also takes immune health boosters such as Puritan's Pride's Vitamin C with Citrus Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips, which provides antioxidant support; Vitamin D3, a more potent and bioavailable form of vitamin which supports bone health; and Zinc Gluconate, which assists in the proper functioning of insulin and promotes healthy skin, vision, and smell.

Rounding up, Prats reminded that her transformation was not achieved overnight and was a result of careful and deliberate everyday choices.

"For me, health is a lifestyle. It's something you really do every single day of your life - it doesn't depend on your mood or schedule, it's part of your daily life," Prats ended.