A lawmaker is proposing setting up "business bubbles" in Metro Manila which will go into a two-week enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) starting August 6.

Marikina Second District Rep. Stella Quimbo said in a statement issued on Sunday the government must try a different strategy in fighting Covid-19, now that a reliable screening method using antigen swab tests has been established and more than 7 million individuals have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

"Now that we have millions of fully vaccinated individuals and testing has become routinary in many places, I propose that we allow 'business bubbles' to operate," Quimbo said.

The plan is to allow workplaces willing to test workers to continue to operate. People who are fully vaccinated can go to work or venture outside their homes to buy food.

Quimbo said "transportation bubbles" are needed for the business bubbles scheme to work.

There must be buses and other mass transport exclusively for fully vaccinated individuals, she said.

"By creating these bubbles to promote micro-herd immunity and safe spaces, it is entirely possible that we will not incur the same devastating economic losses we suffered during the previous ECQs," Quimbo said.