THE rapid collapse of the Afghan government and the surrender of the capital Kabul dealt a blow to the credibility of the United States among its allies, deepened the rift between former president Donald Trump and his allies, and invoked the infinity of the United States on its allies. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan caused the Taliban to advance to the government-controlled areas in a thunderbolt. After the Haitian president was assassinated, the Haitian authorities requested for US troops to be sent there. Some Americans were hoping that President Joe Biden could reestablish the United States in international affairs. However, this will not be the case, especially on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack this year, which hit the United States' reputation harder. The retreat of the United States is bound to sow the seeds of suspicion among America's allies around the world, especially among North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members.

Under the leadership of the United States, NATO started war in Afghanistan 20 years ago, purely for the purpose of following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Twenty years later, the Afghan government was supported by the US, but the chaos remained. With the sudden withdrawal of the US, NATO troops also began to withdraw quickly, because Afghanistan has never been the focus of NATO, and NATO participation in the war in Afghanistan was only to meet the favor of the United States. The US flew in the face of human morality, the public opinion of refugees flooding into Europe, the domestic antipathy of the US for its allies. The United States withdrew suddenly, implying the US' determination not to intervene in foreign military affairs. The United States also knows that even if it triggers a refugee crisis, it will only be borne by Europe, and the US can watch the fire scene from the opposite shore.

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