From "Pelikula" comes a new loveteam.

We are, of course, referring to the current hit single by Janine Teñoso and Arthur Nery titled "Pelikula." Since its release, the song has become an instant fan favorite and has easily crossed its first million listens just days after its release.

Granted that Janine and Arthur have their own solid following that instantly supported the song, there was something evident about Pelikula. Yes, the track is quite catchy, but fans on both sides noticed something else too. This vibe and musical chemistry between the two makes for good listening, and positive kilig feels as well. The thrill is captured on the official music video for the single--the first-ever to feature these two singers who are both madly in love with music.

"I feel happy and grateful that I got to collaborate with Arthur. He was very easy to work with, and the connection became natural," Janine told Music Geek.

"It was easier than I expected because we were just enjoying each other's company, and she's fun to work with," Arthur said in return. "But now, there's also some pressure [given how the single and music video's success] happened so fast. Fans have already been waiting for the next release from us, but it's pressure in a good way."

Individually, Janine and Arthur are among the most sought-after young singers today. Janine broke through the scene with a couple of hit singles, with her remake of Itchyworm's "' Di Na Muli" as the biggest. Meanwhile, Arthur's popularity was a slow burn, to begin with via his debut album, "Letters Never Sent." It was only with the release of "Higa" from the compilation that he became one of the leading male singers of Lo-Fi-styled R&B in the country.

Both singers only recently met but were familiar with each other's hits. When their paths crossed, the creative connection and admiration for one another were totally palpable. Hopefully, Pelikula is just the start of a long and beautiful collaboration between the two.

Viva Records is definitely shipping them already. As one executive enthused, "Janine and Arthur work extremely well together. We dare say that there's magic when they're together, and we hear it every time they sing together."

A duet made in heaven, Janine and Arthur also wrote Pelikla themselves. The track is produced by Civ Fontanilla, arranged by Janno Queyquep and recorded, mixed and mastered by Joel Mendoza.

The official music video is directed by Paul Basinilio with Tom Redoble as director of photography, production design by Eric Manalo, art direction by Claudette Miranda and choreography by Jobel Dayrit.