BAGHDAD: Two Iraqi army officers and a civilian were killed on Tuesday in attacks by militants of the Islamic State (IS) group in the provinces of Diyala and Salahudin, security sources said.

In the eastern province of Diyala, Lt. Col. Jassim al-Shimmary, commander of an army battalion, was killed when a roadside bomb planted by IS militants detonated near his military vehicle outside the town of Jalawla, Major Alaa al-Saadi from the provincial police told Xinhua.

Separately, IS militants opened fire on a civilian truck and killed its driver outside the town of Wajihah near the provincial capital Baquba, some 65 kilometers (km) northeast of Baghdad, al-Saadi said.

Also, in the province, the security forces repelled two attacks by IS militants on military positions in two villages located about 40 km northeast of Baquba, al-Saadi said. The attackers fled the scenes and no casualties were reported in the attacks.

In Salahudin province in the north of Baghdad, an Iraqi army officer was shot dead by IS militants who broke into his house and opened fire on him in a village south of the provincial capital Tikrit, Col. Mohammed al-Bazi told Xinhua.

During the past months, IS militants have intensified their attacks on Iraqi security forces in the provinces the militants previously controlled, leaving dozens dead and wounded.