TMT Anniversary
Sheila Viesca and the TalkShop Formula

A visionary with strong leadership and entrepreneurial talents, Dr. Sheila Viesca started a training company in 2000 as a requirement of her Masters in Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). She named it 'TalkShop,' a brand that will eventually become a leading educational hub in the Philippines.

TalkShop, a Civil Service-accredited Learning and Development Institute (ALDI), is now known to many as the best English training center in the country, especially after it pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in corporate communication workshops and TESOL certification. The origin of the company name can be traced from these two powerful concepts: Firstly, TALK signifies words. The significance of this is that words add up to language, language manifests culture, and culture defines personality. SHOP, on the other hand, is derived from workshop which denotes practice, movement, and performance. Thus, the essence of the TalkShop Formula is captured in 'words, language, culture, personality and action.' Since its beginnings, TalkShop has been committed to providing high quality, relevant, and customizable education to everyone, anywhere.