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Sheila Viesca and the TalkShop Formula
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A visionary with strong leadership and entrepreneurial talents, Dr. Sheila Viesca started a training company in 2000 as a requirement of her Masters in Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). She named it 'TalkShop,' a brand that will eventually become a leading educational hub in the Philippines.

TalkShop, a Civil Service-accredited Learning and Development Institute (ALDI), is now known to many as the best English training center in the country, especially after it pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in corporate communication workshops and TESOL certification. The origin of the company name can be traced from these two powerful concepts: Firstly, TALK signifies words. The significance of this is that words add up to language, language manifests culture, and culture defines personality. SHOP, on the other hand, is derived from workshop which denotes practice, movement, and performance. Thus, the essence of the TalkShop Formula is captured in 'words, language, culture, personality and action.' Since its beginnings, TalkShop has been committed to providing high quality, relevant, and customizable education to everyone, anywhere.

Dr. Viesca spends her time as TalkShop's Chief Executive Officer and also as a Professional Development Coach and Sales Communications Specialist. Her constant desire to continually improve herself led her to complete an Advanced Teaching English Diploma Program (Canada), which opened the doors for her to work with the Department of Education in the Philippines as the lead designer and trainer of national English programs. She was eventually tasked to provide an invaluable framework to educators and non-teaching personnel across the country as she trained them to enhance their proficiency, image, and credibility through language upskilling. She also designed the Comprehensive Language Competency Benchmark of the Department of Education (DepEd), among others. Her investigative spirit and insatiable thirst for knowledge have been the engines of her fruitful educational attainments all the way to the pursuit of her Doctorate in Applied Anthropology at the Asian Social Institute, where she honed in on Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) as an innovative workshop strategy that merges the teaching styles of the West and learning concepts from the East. Interestingly, the passion for communication teaching has led her to publish journals in Communication Excellence for ESL Learners and TESOL Teachers. Another remarkable achievement was the publication of her book, Quintessence of Creative Writing in print and audio versions.

Among her multiple accomplishments was being the Foreign Service Trainer of the Department of Tourism for whom she designed and facilitated comprehensive competency enhancement modules for the agency's Tourism Attaches and Directors. She also had her stint with Toastmasters International as the District Director for the whole of Luzon. To young students and aspiring writers, she is known as the best English Teacher. To business professionals and C-level executives, she is the sought-after Leadership Coach and Mentor. To anyone who would ask, she humbly implies being someone who is just fortunate enough to find her passion and the courage to pursue it. Undoubtedly, she personifies what the TalkShop Formula is about. It is not any one course or reason that makes the company stand out. Like the results-driven entrepreneur behind it, TalkShop has left an undeniable imprint on the education industry because it is resolute in bringing out the best in people in all areas of their life and every dimension of their being.

The company, that began as a passion project, has helped thousands of leaders and thinkers find their personal style and perfect their ability to speak, write, and lead purposively.

It is meritorious to emphasize that Dr. Sheila Viesca is recognized as the country's TESL Specialist and TV viewers' beloved Personality Development Expert. Based on her outstanding curriculum and accomplishments, it is easy to understand why TalkShop has become an indisputable and prestigious platform in education, a role model in the industry where it continues to thrive. However, the tide has not been as favorable to other educational institutions, especially with the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic in the first quarter of 2020. The teaching industry experienced an abrupt and sudden shift from traditional education taking place in physical classrooms to virtual learning being conducted on a massive scale via digital platforms. TalkShop was ready for the challenge and kept improving and expanding their services to a wider audience as never before. Given the enormous importance of learning and investing in one's self development (especially in these critical times), access to good education, especially customizable training, is not a luxury anymore, but an essential and priceless commodity that should be made available to anyone who needs the coaching and guidance. Hence, partnership, cooperation, planning and development among different government regulatory bodies and public and private educational institutions are the requisites to make available relevant and meaningful education to the general population.

In line with this ideal and noble purpose, TalkShop has emerged as an educational giant since its foundation and for 21 years it has been the leading provider of traditional workshops and now, online learning, in Communication Excellence and Personal Effectiveness, Advanced Leadership, and Personality Development. Worth noting is that TalkShop facilitators are not just well-known experts in their respective fields of knowledge but are also well-versed in the best possible way to deliver their materials, maximizing student's understanding and retention, as well as keeping the motivation high and burning. The learning process is accelerated by the concept of 'learning by doing' from the American philosopher and educational reformer John Dewey. This approach has transformed the traditional notion that learning happens only through lectures and rote memorization. At TalkShop, whether in-person or online learning sessions, students put into practice what they have just learned through carefully designed drills and practical exercises, leading them to master skills and competencies within a shorter period of time. It is not a surprise that student rate satisfaction on the quality of training programs at TalkShop is one of the highest in the region compared to similar educational institutions, and students come from diverse backgrounds and industry across the Philippines, Asia and many other international locations. This demonstrates the imperative demand for the right institution, teacher, coach, and mentor to fully unleash one's potential.

The certificate training programs offered by TalkShop are consistently comprehensive and competitive, including several courses within 9 categories: COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING (Speech Eloquence, Conversation Expertise, Confidence Building & Public Speaking, Effective Presentation, Grammar Mastery, Creative Writing); SALES ACADEMY (Exceptional Customer Service Training, Consultative Selling & Effective Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills & Assertive Communications, Customer Service & Salesmanship); WORK COMPETENCIES (Call Center Skills Training, Social Media Language, Customer Complaints Handling, Time & Stress Management, Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making, Diplomacy in the Workplace, Workshop for Bloggers); LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT (Coaching and Mentoring, Management Communication & Leadership Training, Executive Management Program, Managerial Competency for Government Executives, Technical Management Communication, Leadership Skills Training, Competitive Intelligence Training, Critical Thinking for Leaders); FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAMS (Cross-Culture Communication, Conversational Spanish, Conversational Mandarin, Conversational Korean); TEST REVIEW & TEACHING (Training the Trainer, TESOL, TESL/TEFL, IELTS, TOEIC); PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (Personality Development, Personal Effectiveness, Social Graces & Dining Etiquette, Protocol Training, International Etiquette Training, Corporate Intelligence Training, Values Orientation Program, Speed Reading); BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (Internal Communications Planning, Strategic Project Management, Organizational Development, Risk Management, Systematic Managerial Analysis & Corporate Presentation, Team Coaching Workshop, Power Presentation, Newsletter Writing, Critical Thinking) and CONSULTING SERVICES (Executive Coaching, SEO Optimization, Hiring & Recruitment, Safety Training, Life Planning for Retirement, Entrepreneurship Program).

No matter what course you take, TalkShop will guide you to an unforgettable learning journey in your career. Apart from welcoming everyone from all ages and backgrounds, the company also offers a flexible schedule, especially designed for busy people who are taking on higher job functions or transitioning to a new career path. At TalkShop, everyone learns further and no one is left behind!

These trainings have undergone a rigorous accreditation process from respected national and international entities such as the Civil Service Commission; International English Education Research Association (Delaware, USA); ISO 9001:2015. A confirmation that international quality standards are met and that world-class educational experience is guaranteed.

It is almost impossible to separate Dr. Sheila Viesca from the TalkShop Formula. Afterall, everything that she stands for as an educator also represents the caliber of the firm. Recognitions include Best TESL Certification Agency in the Philippines; Best Corporate Protocol Trainer in the Philippines; Best Communication Program in the Philippines; Civil Service Accredited Training Institute; ISO-Certified Communication Consultancy and the Philippines' No. 1 Training Provider. Above all, clients and students are assured that they are accompanied by the best mentors and methodology in their journey towards personal development and career advancement.

Dr. Sheila Viesca believes that 'surviving in a globalized world, especially during these extraordinary times, requires comprehensive knowledge, targeted skills and updated expertise.' She states, 'opportunities in the labor market are increasingly scarce and professional competition is fierce. Many times, the difference between those who are hired and those who are not simply depends on just an extra ingredient 'up their sleeve.' With few exceptions, reality dictates that the best places are made available to those who are most prepared.'

Regardless of your age, origin, gender and economic status, now - more than ever- is the best time to start a life-changing investment that will bring about attractive dividends to your personal well-being, professional development, and financial growth. Search no more, TalkShop is the way forward!

'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.' Mahatma Gandhi

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