COTABATO CITY: Two bills aimed at establishing hospitals in Basilan have been introduced in the Bangsamoro Parliament in an effort to improve the quality of health care service in the Bangsamoro region, particularly in far-flung areas.

The main authors of the bills are members of the Parliament from Basilan province, namely, Dr. Alzad Sattar, Deputy Speaker Hatimil Hassan, Minority Leader lawyer Laisa Alamia, Abdulmuhmin Mujahid, Muslimin Jakilan Sema, Muslima Asmawil and Faiz Alauddin.

The bill aims to establish general and municipal hospitals in the municipalities of Muhammad Ajul and Tabuan-Lasa.

The difficulties in transferring patients, according to Sattar, is not only inconvenient and creates excessive concern to the family and patients, but it causes the loss of lives.

Currently, the municipality of Muhammad Ajul only caters to patients at their rural health unit, while Tabuan-Lasa has only a few villages with health centers to serve the patients for the entire municipality.

Under the Bangsamoro Organic Law, the Bangsamoro government should provide for a comprehensive and integrated health service delivery for its constituents and establish by law a general hospital system to serve the health requirements of its people.

The Committee on Health had previously discussed the possibility of consolidating all hospital measures filed before the plenary.