Cassy Legaspi’s youthful vibrancy — as well as everything about her — is beautiful indeed.
Cassy Legaspi’s youthful vibrancy — as well as everything about her — is beautiful indeed.

Young Cassy Legaspi is definitely on the rise. One-half of celebrity couple Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi's twins, she and brother Mavi were right to forge solo careers earlier this year.

Both of them, but Cassy especially, is everywhere these days, from multiple GMA Network TV shows, on the net as a top celebrity influencer, and most recently, she landed a coveted spot on the ever-growing family of carefully-selected BeautéDerm Corporation — cared for like no other, by the way, by the beauty and wellness brand's President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan.

Since stepping into the crowded market in 2009, Beautéderm quickly stood out and became a leader in the beauty and wellness industry, given its broad and effective range of naturopathic products. Loyally patronized not only in the Philippines but in different parts of the globe. The company takes pride in pursuing a well-designed and thriving business model that provides long-term, sustainable jobs to thousands of resellers and franchisees.

Currently, Beautéderm offers over a hundred products under such categories as Make-up and Cosmetics; Haircare; Body Care; Personal Care and Body sets; Spruce and Dash for men's grooming; Beautéderm Home; and the all-new Facial Care collection. – which is the brand's particular line that Cassy is endorsing.

The range which Cassy has been asked to represent, the Facial Care Line is comprised of the Blanc Plus Sheet Mask and Blanc Plus Mask Serum; along with Beauté L' Elixir Skin set; Beauté L' Micellaire; Beauté L' Créme Decollage; C'est Clair Acne Drying Gel; Acne Loin; and La Fraise Gommage Instant White Polish.

Anicoche-Tan finds Cassy--who is also endorsing BeautéDerm's Caress Hand Sanitizer Spray, Etré Clair Mouth Spray, Glowtion Instant Tan Lotion, and Au Revoir Relax and Revive Lotion--to be the ideal brand ambassador of her latest collection of products for the many compelling reasons.

First, the 20-year old possesses a very wholesome image and thereby solid and extensive reach to the younger segment of the market, as proven by her millions of followers on social media.

Besides being a major social media influencer, Cassy gained further mainstream recognition when she appeared on GMA-7's top-rating "First Yaya" primetime series as Nina Acosta, while co-hosting the "Sarap 'Di Ba Bahay Edition" with her mom and brother.

"Cassy is a very welcome addition to the Beautéderm family, and we are thrilled to have her on board," the well-loved executive Anicoche-Tan acknowledged. Cassy embodies the vibrancy of youthfulness, and this best represents our line of products which are designed and formulated for all ages."

Cassy, in turn, is equally elated now that she is officially a Beautéderm Brand Ambassador.

"I am happy to partner with them, and I am so in love with their products. I love using their all-natural skin set Beauté L' Elixir, which is now part of my daily skin regimen. Aside from being very mild, it smells great, and it effectively nourishes and cleanses my skin. I could really feel and see the glow of my skin from the moment I started using it."

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