PHILIPPINE Science High School (PSHS) students from the Western Visayas Campus have published a story coloring book on Covid-19 as a guide carrying information about the pandemic.

"During this time when information about Covid-19 is vital to everyone, including the kids, the graduating Grade 12 scholars of Pisay batch 2020 thought of creating a research book about the pandemic in their research class presented as a storybook titled 'Kids Against Covid-19, A Story Coloring Book' made primarily for children and parents," said the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) which manages PSHS.

The book contains an illustrated guide against Covid-19, including informational images, animated graphics, and words that are kid-friendly.

The book may be accessed free online and is available in different languages.

The school's Grade 12 students also launched a follow-up research compilation project called "Pamaagi: A Handbook of Scientific Practice for Young Researchers." This new publication covers methods from various topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and General Mapping.

"PSHS's contribution to the research studies can only stand the test of time and beyond that will benefit future researchers in their quest to find appropriate methods on many research problems, and also to inspire other young researchers to extend their research projects for the community," the DoST said.

The journal is committed to publishing the work of scholars led by Dr. Aris Larroder, adviser and natural science teacher, together with Grade 12 scholars, student-researchers and teachers.

Four volumes of science have been released online since 2018 which include topics related to environmental science and health, microbiology and biochemistry, agriculture, aquaculture, computer science, climate change and natural resources.